Vendors Module creates new opportunities for Whip Around users

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Vendors Module creates new opportunities for Whip Around users

Whip Around has announced a new centralized hub for all vendor-related activities within the platform: The Vendors Module.

This new functionality enhances the user experience by streamlining the way users manage vendor information, including workflow, inventory and documents. 

Key features

  • Vendor profiles: Easily upload and manage vendor information, including contacts, in one central location.
  • Integration with key modules: Seamlessly assign work orders, services, inventory items, defects and documents to vendors with just a few clicks.
  • Collaboration tools: Share external links with vendors, allowing them to access assigned work, manage tasks and update work status without logging into Whip Around. 

Removing obstacles to success

Previously, vendor data and tasks were scattered across different Whip Around modules. With this new feature, users can now manage all vendor-related tasks efficiently in one place. 

In addition, users can bulk upload vendors, associate multiple contacts with a single vendor, and easily link vendors to specific parts.

Like other product enhancements, the Vendor Module is intended to elevate the Whip Around experience and streamline customers’ fleet management processes. 

If you’re a current Whip Around user, check out the Help Center article to get step-by-step instructions for setting up your tailored dashboards.  

If you’re not yet a customer, book a demo to learn how Whip Around can transform your fleet management. 

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