Building Your (Fleet) Brand: Expert Tips From Working With Top Brands

How do customers perceive your fleet’s brand? A brand enables you to tap into people’s hearts and minds, to open their wallets. They create value, and can equally destroy it. It can create a positive or even a negative impression from both customers and potential customers.

In the end, your (fleet) brand is everything that separates your organization from being seen as unique as opposed to a commodity.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from two marketing experts with extensive experience working with some of the world’s leading brands from Sprint to BMW on how to approach brand building.

You’ll learn a few essential strategies for building a brand you can be proud of, including:

  • 4 influential brand pillars to keep in mind as you grow
  • Why technology is important for building a strong brand experience for customers
  • The importance of well-maintained vehicles in your industry
  • Why a poor brand experience will be reflected in your reviews, ratings, and recommendations over time


  • Scott Coldham, Chief Marketing Officer at Whip Around
  • Andy Weiss, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Linxup