Whip Around + Motive Integration Demo Day

The integration between Motive’s telematics software and Whip Around’s fleet maintenance platform provides a partnership experience for Fleet Managers and their teams that is:

  • Quick and easy to get up and running
  • Incredibly user-friendly and intuitive for you and your team
  • Customizable to suit your specific fleet’s requirements
  • Secure, accurate, and a modern technology you can rely on
  • Built on great customer service that’s available 24/7 worldwide

Watch Motive and Whip Around’s webinar as we showcase:

  • How easy it is to integrate Motive and Whip Around in a couple of clicks
  • How the integration makes for streamlined management of workflows, vehicle data, and maintenance
  • How the two systems work in sync to improve the safety and compliance of your company when it comes to fleet maintenance


  • James Colley, Co-Founder at Whip Around
  • Zeeshan Khan, Team Lead, Project Management, Professional Services at Motive
  • Reed Erskine, President at Acme Logistics