Whip Around Rebrands with New Logo, Renewed Vision as Fleet Management Leader

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Whip Around Rebrands with New Logo, Renewed Vision as Fleet Management Leader

It’s an exciting week at Whip Around with the launch of our new logo, and the start of a broader brand upgrade across our business!

We have come a long way over the last few years, from our growing customer base, our relationship with them, the product we are building to make their lives more efficient, and ultimately our maturing as a brand. We wanted to reflect that growth in a new logo, a new way of communicating and a new aesthetic.

The new logo is actually a modification of our old logo. The ‘skids’ that framed up the ends of our old logo have come together to form a new, more concise version as a reflection of Whip Around today, while still keeping elements that remind us of how far we’ve come. This change is absolutely an evolution not a revolution, and one that reflects the progress and inspiration we draw from all the lessons and experience we’ve taken onboard over the last few years.

The ‘skids’ also symbolize movement—the passing of information, vehicles passing each other on the road, and fleets moving – at the core of why we exist.

The colors represent our heritage: Auckland Blue and Charlotte Teal, coming together to recognize the history of our two birthplaces and where our teams (mostly!) call home.

Our wordmark: whip around, is simpler and softer. This echoes the constant drive we have to make life easier, to make our product more intuitive and less complex, and to provide our customers with value that genuinely puts their mind at ease.

Together, it’s a new look. It’s a statement about who Whip Around is and how we feel about what we’re doing for our customers. It’s energized and bright, simpler and more vibrant – all things we live and breathe every day.

We look forward to you seeing and experiencing this every time you encounter us out in the world for years to come, because it’s something we’re really proud of and is what we stand for. We are Whip Around.

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