Whip Around Unveils Custom Dashboards Feature for Advanced Fleet Insights

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Whip Around Unveils Custom Dashboards Feature for Advanced Fleet Insights

Fleet managers can now visually customize data for deeper analysis and reporting

Whip Around is thrilled to announce the release of its new Custom Dashboards feature — a tool that reimagines the way fleet managers monitor and optimize their equipment performance.  

Custom dashboard walk through.

Tailored insights, elevated performance

By allowing fleet managers to create personalized dashboards comprising a variety of customized charts, Whip Around’s Custom Dashboards feature provides users with a comprehensive overview of their fleet’s performance in a format that suits their business needs and personal preferences. 

This enhanced functionality enables users to spotlight the most crucial performance metrics, from vehicle inspection details and maintenance history to fuel consumption trends and more.

Whip Around customers can now:

  • Take full control in crafting dashboards that spotlight the most relevant data with tailor-made display elements. 
  • Utilize pre-built charts and graphs to gain immediate insights into essential fleet maintenance data. 
  • Stay ahead with real-time data analytics, presented in an engaging visual format that makes it easy to identify trends and patterns.
  • Collaborate seamlessly by exporting and sharing custom dashboard data and charts in various formats, such as CSV and Excel.

Whip Around’s commitment to innovation continues to reshape fleet maintenance, helping fleet operators replace paper and spreadsheets with streamlined digital processes that ensure compliance, enhance safety, reduce downtime and boost their bottom line. 

If you’re a current Whip Around user, check out the Help Center article to get step-by-step instructions for setting up your tailored dashboards.  

If you’re not yet a customer, book a demo to learn how Whip Around can transform your fleet management. 

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