A guide to CVSA’s changes to OOS violation standards ahead of International Roadcheck

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A guide to CVSA’s changes to OOS violation standards ahead of International Roadcheck

As we approach the 2024 International Roadcheck inspection blitz (scheduled for May 14-16), it’s worth reviewing how the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has overhauled some of its out-of-service (OOS) violation criteria. 

Be aware of these changes

At Whip Around, we want to ensure fleet managers, drivers and safety/compliance professionals are up to speed on these revisions before inspectors hit the roads.

One of the biggest changes is how certain tire issues are handled for vehicles equipped with automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS). 

  • Old situation: Any leak in the tread area would result in an automatic OOS order.
  • New situation: Under the new rules, non-steering tires with tread punctures will not be placed OOS as long as the ATIS can maintain at least 50% of the tire’s rated air pressure.

The rationale? Allowing these vehicles to proceed to a safe location reduces the dangers associated with roadside repairs and impromptu tire changes. We all know how crucial keeping a unit on the road and off the shoulder can be. 

Several other updates are also noteworthy:

  • Missing brake cam shaft bushings now count toward the 20% defective brake threshold for OOS orders. 
  • The coupling device criteria have been tightened, with uncoupled pintle hooks and mismatched trailer ball/receiver combinations earning automatic OOS status.
  • For drivers who simply forget to turn on lights — this has been downgraded to a normal violation.

Priorities heading into Roadcheck 2024

As you prepare vehicles and drivers for Roadcheck 2024, keep these revised standards in mind. But don’t overlook the persistent violation culprits like proper brake operation/adjustment and tire condition/pressure. 

During last year’s Roadcheck, brake systems and tires accounted for the most vehicle OOS orders.

This year’s Roadcheck emphasis is on tractor protection valve systems, so carefully inspect lines and valves that could cause air loss and brake compromise. Routine self-inspections can prevent hassles, delays and potential OOS headaches come Roadcheck time.

While a few key violation criteria have been updated, maintaining comprehensive pre-trip inspection habits remains crucial for a smooth, violation-free International Roadcheck. 

A great way to prepare

If you’re looking for help inspecting and maintaining your fleet, Whip Around’s easy-to-use software can help.

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