FMCSA makes valuable safety resources available to fleets

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FMCSA makes valuable safety resources available to fleets

It would be easy to overlook, but the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website offers a veritable treasure trove of outreach and awareness materials for fleets aiming to improve safety and compliance.

FMCSA has assembled a robust collection of resources on key topics like sharing the road safely with trucks and buses, speeding, distracted driving, operating in hazardous conditions, work zone safety, seat belt use and driver health. 

A forward-thinking campaign

Their “Our Roads, Our Safety” campaign is a great place to begin exploring. It features general safe driving tips as well as audience-specific materials for truck/bus drivers, passenger vehicle drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. There are even some state-customized pieces in the mix.

Other focused campaigns drill down on critical safety issues like speeding by commercial drivers, distracted driving, work zone hazards, seat belt use and promoting overall driver health and wellness. The materials run the gamut from flyers and handouts to social media graphics and suggested posts.

Motor carriers would be wise to take advantage of this valuable information. You can use FMCSA’s ready-made resources in your own safety outreach initiatives with drivers, staffers and the motoring public. They’re all free, professionally produced and packed with vital safety messaging.

An industry thought leader

FMCSA’s investment in these education and awareness materials demonstrates its evolution from a traditionally regulatory-focused agency to one taking a more comprehensive approach to improving safety on our highways. Hints of this transition were noticeable a few years ago with the launch of major safety programs like the National Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse and Crash Preventability Determination Program.

While rulemaking and enforcement will always be key parts of FMCSA’s mission, it’s clear the agency recognizes the critical role that education and outreach play in driving safety gains. 

It’s great to see FMCSA raising its game on the education and awareness front to make our roads safer for everyone. 

Partnering with Whip Around for fleet safety leadership

Of course, FMCSA’s materials are just one piece of the fleet safety puzzle. Fleets are also wise to explore complementary resources and partners that can help them achieve safety excellence.

Whip Around is an industry leader in this space, pioneering easy-to-use technology to modernize transportation safety practices. The company’s cutting-edge platform enables fleets to streamline safety communications, reinforce key policies and procedures, and verify driver performance and engagement.

If you’re looking to take your fleet’s safety program to the next level, book a demo with the Whip Around team to learn more.

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