FixedUnlimited: One set price, limitless physical assets — vehicles, equipment and more

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FixedUnlimited: One set price, limitless physical assets — vehicles, equipment and more

How new and existing Whip Around customers can transform their businesses with this groundbreaking new pricing model

If you’re a fleet manager, you know the frustrations of traditional per-asset pricing models for vehicle inspection and maintenance software. 

Heck, if you’re responsible for your organization’s inventory of equipment, tools, facilities — or any other type of physical asset — you’re acutely familiar with the challenges of managing all those moving parts. 

Now imagine managing (notice we say “managing” and not “micro-managing”) ALL of your critical business assets in one user-friendly platform for a simple fixed monthly fee.

Sounds pretty legit, right? 

That’s the game-changing idea behind Whip Around’s new FixedUnlimited pricing plan. We’re the first and only platform offering unlimited, straightforward pricing for comprehensive asset inspections and maintenance — because we’ve listened to our customers’ struggles.

This novel approach transcends traditional per-asset pricing models, giving businesses the flexibility to inspect and manage everything without the hassle of evaluating and managing costs for each new addition. 

Who is FixedUnlimited for?

If you manage an enterprise fleet or a business with a large number of physical assets, Whip Around’s FixedUnlimited plan is a no-brainer from a business perspective

For example, say you’re managing a fleet that’s entering hypergrowth mode. In total, it’s utilizing about 200 assets — trucks, vans and forklifts in the yard. But you’re planning to expand significantly during the next year or two. 

By locking in a set FixedUnlimited price with the vehicles and other assets you have now, you can keep adding assets without getting nickled and dimed for the length of your contract.

The same goes for an operations manager at a construction company who is inspecting and maintaining standard assets like trucks, trailers, cranes or bulldozers. By signing up with FixedUnlimited, he can start adding scaffolding, power tools, harnesses, job site lighting, portable toilets and so many additional business assets — all the same fixed price.

That’s what total control looks like. And there are plenty of other examples to consider

Going beyond vehicles

While Whip Around got started by helping fleet managers maintain vehicle compliance, our capabilities have expanded significantly based on customer needs. Today’s businesses require a single solution to oversee all their vital physical assets and equipment.

With FixedUnlimited, you can bring every key asset onto one intuitive platform at a flat rate:

  • Vehicles & fleets: Trucks, limos, vans, concrete mixers, bulldozers
  • Heavy equipment: Forklifts, excavators, scaffolds, pallet jacks, mowers
  • Facilities: Retail sites, offices, job trailers, warehouses
  • Tools & parts: Hand tools, machinery, jackhammers, appliances, generators
  • Safety gear: PPE, signage, fire extinguishers, hardnesses, medical gear

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By consolidating all inspections, maintenance, compliance and asset tracking into a single system, FixedUnlimited eliminates silos and blind spots across your operations. 

You get unprecedented visibility and control — without the exorbitant costs. 

Minimizing risk & maximizing uptime

For companies that rely on physical assets and equipment, there’s always a risk of accidents, violations, and unplanned downtime — all of which crush productivity and profitability. 

Whip Around’s FixedUnlimited plan helps mitigate that risk:

  • Safety & compliance: Automated inspections and record-keeping for ensuring OSHA, NFPA, EPA and other regulatory standards are met across all asset classes.
  • Preventive maintenance: Full maintenance management including work order management, repair status tracking and automated service schedule alerts.
  • Asset tracking: Cloud-based hub for all your key asset details, locations, documents, costs and vendors in one secure place.

By bringing all of these components into one platform, FixedUnlimited not only makes your business more efficient, more productive and safer — it gives you total visibility and control over every aspect of your operations.  

Ending inspection & maintenance chaos 

Fundamentally, FixedUnlimited solves two major headaches faced by businesses juggling a mix of physical assets:

  1. Fragmented systems and data spread across different paper records, spreadsheets and softwares, resulting in lack of visibility and control.
  2. Costly per-asset pricing models that are hard to scale and don’t allow for easily adding or removing assets. 

How will FixedUnlimited impact your business in practice? For starters, you’ll be able to:

  • Centralize asset operations on one intuitive platform
  • Rapidly scale and grow without added software costs
  • Ensure every key component to your business is working in tandem
  • Escape the hassle of managing price changes when adding/removing assets

This is fleet inspection and maintenance software reimagined to meet the demands of modern businesses.

If you’re ready to break free from per-asset constraints, take full control of your critical assets, and empower your team to drive safety and productivity like never before…

Schedule a personalized FixedUnlimited demo today!

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