Whip Around Introduces New “FixedUnlimited” Pricing Plan

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Whip Around Introduces New “FixedUnlimited” Pricing Plan

Customers can now monitor and manage all their vehicles and business assets on a unified platform for a fixed rate.

Charlotte, NC – April 17, 2024 – Whip Around, the industry’s easiest-to-use inspection and maintenance software platform, today announced the introduction of its new unlimited asset pricing plan, FixedUnlimited

Whip Around is the only inspection and maintenance platform to offer this pricing model. 

This offering enables businesses to oversee an unlimited array of key assets—ranging from vehicles and equipment to facilities—all within a user-friendly platform, offered at a straightforward fixed rate. Whip Around is the only inspection and maintenance platform to offer this pricing model.

The era of having to sacrifice safety for the sake of cost is now a thing of the past,” said Noah Hickey, chief executive officer, Whip Around. “With FixedUnlimited and our user-friendly platform, Whip Around ensures every critical piece of equipment is accounted for and properly managed to power and safeguard our customers’ businesses.” 

FixedUnlimited transcends traditional per-asset pricing models, giving businesses the flexibility to comprehensively inspect and manage all their critical assets and equipment without the hassle of evaluating and managing costs. 

Whip Around’s core functionalities include:

  • Inspections & documentation: Customizable digital inspection forms for vehicles and just about any physical asset imaginable, with optional mandatory photo uploads for accountability.
  • Maintenance management: Centralized system for repair logging, work order management and service scheduling across all assets.
  • Asset tracking & inventory: Cloud-based registry to manage key details, cost, status, quantity and vendor information for an unlimited number of parts and assets.
  • Compliance control: Ensure safety, minimize regulatory violations and avoid fines with automated alerts and centralized recordkeeping for all important documents.

FixedUnlimited will be tailored to each customer based on the total number of assets and their unique business needs. This gives the customer full control over how they scale their business—and removes any limitations around how they utilize the Whip Around platform.

To learn more about Whip Around’s FixedUnlimited plan, please click here.

For additional information, see the FixedUnlimited user guide and an overview of business use cases.

About Whip Around

Established in 2016, Whip Around has quickly become North America’s easiest-to-use inspection and maintenance platform. Whip Around’s software and app help fleet managers, operators and mechanics improve safety and compliance and minimize costs through better inspection and maintenance processes for vehicles, equipment and assets. Learn more at www.whiparound.com

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