Whip Around Achieves Geotab Premier Marketplace Partner Status

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Whip Around Achieves Geotab Premier Marketplace Partner Status

Whip Around’s inspection and maintenance platform is committed to delivering value within Geotab’s innovative ecosystem 

Whip Around, a leading software-as-a-service provider and the industry’s easiest-to-use inspection and maintenance platform, today announced that it has achieved Geotab Premier Marketplace Partner status. 

Geotab Premier Marketplace Partners offer best-in-class solutions that complement or deeply integrate with the Geotab platform to ensure strong value for customers. Premier Partners have undergone legal, technical, and security vetting to ensure they meet industry quality standards.

“We are honored to reach Premier Partner status as we strive to collaborate with key partners such as Geotab to equip stakeholders with visibility and control across their entire spectrum of assets,” said Noah Hickey, CEO of Whip Around. “We see this as a unique opportunity to invest in Geotab’s diverse ecosystem of solutions and create new,  innovative opportunities that push the conventional boundaries of fleets and extend to encompass all the valuable assets, equipment, and sites our clients depend on.”

As a go-to source for organizations seeking to better manage their fleets, the Geotab Marketplace features hundreds of solutions and integration options. The platform showcases a wide variety of partners and a growing library of APIs to help fleets innovate efficiently and economically.

By providing customizable digital inspection forms, defect/fault tracking, work order management, preventative maintenance schedules and parts/inventory services, Whip Around’s software expands asset visibility while improving communication, operational efficiency, safety and compliance across organizations.

The Whip Around integration can be accessed within the Geotab platform, allowing users to:

  • Sync odometer and engine hour readings
  • Track DVIR defects and DTC faults
  • Easily manage work orders
  • Trigger alerts and maintenance schedules

Combining Geotab data intelligence with Whip Around’s inspection, maintenance and safety capabilities allows users to streamline their asset maintenance and DOT compliance processes in a single platform without disrupting existing workflows.

“At Geotab, we recognize the diversity of our customers’ needs and are committed to providing them with the power of choice. Whip Around strengthens our offerings by providing a solution that offers fleet managers visibility into their fleets’ inspection, maintenance, safety and compliance,” said Robin Kinsey, Senior Manager of Marketplace Sales at Geotab. “Achieving Premier Marketplace Partner status means that Whip Around’s solution deeply integrates with our platform, enhancing the user experience for customers.

Learn more about the Whip Around/Geotab integration at whiparound.com/geotab. 

About Whip Around

Established in 2016, Whip Around has quickly become North America’s easiest-to-use inspection and maintenance platform. Whip Around’s software and app help fleet managers, operators and mechanics improve safety and compliance and minimize costs through better inspection and maintenance processes. Learn more at www.whiparound.com

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