Unlike many providers, Whip Around embraces a cost-effective approach to fleet maintenance

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Unlike many providers, Whip Around embraces a cost-effective approach to fleet maintenance

We’ve got a thing we like to say over at Whip Around: When our competitors zig, we zag. 

Here’s what we mean. While many fleet maintenance software providers are raising prices (thus making it more complex to manage vehicles and assets), Whip Around is taking the opposite approach.

We’re making it more cost-effective. And easier. 

The state of fleet maintenance pricing 

If you look around the fleet management software industry, you’ll likely notice a bevy of recent price hikes

With industry consolidation, general inflationary pressures and rising costs in ancillary industries, it’s not exactly a shock to see this. 

But thanks to lingering supply chain issues, rising fuel/vehicle costs and a complicated transition to EVs, fleets have it even harder right now. Couple those issues with the frustrating trend of increasing costs and complicated per-asset software pricing structures — it’s not a fun situation for fleet owners.

At Whip Around, we viewed this challenge as an opportunity. When we saw our competitors raising their prices, we could’ve done the same thing. We didn’t. 

Instead, we focused on finding ways to serve our customers better during tough times.

Launching FixedUnlimited pricing 

As fleet businesses try to scale their operations, they often get nickel-and-dimed when adding vehicles, equipment, facilities and other assets to their fleet maintenance platforms.

It’s an issue inherent to the industry’s predominant per-asset pricing model. Whip Around decided to turn this model on its head by launching a new FixedUnlimited pricing package.

FixedUnlimited bucks current trends by giving fleet managers, owners and operators an innovative new way to comprehensively manage all of their critical business assets at a simple, fixed monthly rate.

With FixedUnlimited, you can bring an unlimited number of vehicles, heavy machinery, facilities, tools, safety gear — any physical asset you can imagine, really — under one user-friendly platform.

Everything is accounted for with inspection checklists and photos, automated maintenance scheduling, compliance management and asset tracking — all without pricing complexities.

This groundbreaking pricing approach solves two major headaches companies face when juggling a mix of physical assets:

  1. Data silos from having asset information spread across different systems, spreadsheets and paper records.
  2. Costly per-asset pricing that is difficult to scale and doesn’t allow easily adding/removing assets.

By consolidating all of your vital asset operations on the FixedUnlimited plan, you eliminate fragmented systems and unnecessary costs. 

The power of a cost-concious approach

Example 1: Let’s say you’re a city or county fleet manager. In your situation, a fixed-cost fleet maintenance tool allows you to bring all your municipal vehicles and equipment under a single system. 

You can start by tracking fire trucks, police cruisers, public works vehicles and school buses. Then easily expand to managing street sweepers, garbage trucks, landscaping equipment, generators, traffic signals/signage and any other civic assets the community relies on. 

With one fixed pricing plan, you maximize oversight while eliminating cost variables as your asset mix evolves over time.

Example 2: Take a commercial property management company — it probably has a diverse array of assets across their buildings and facilities that require regular inspections and maintenance. 

With FixedUnlimited, they can comprehensively manage everything from HVAC systems and elevators to landscaping tools, cleaning equipment, corporate vehicles and office assets like printers and computers. 

Instead of disparate systems and cost structures, they get complete visibility and control through a centralized, easy-to-use platform at a predictable flat rate — no matter how their inventory of managed assets grows.

Embrace cost simplicity with Whip Around

While other providers nickel-and-dime businesses and create affordability barriers, Whip Around remains focused on delivering an exceptional product and customer experience at a fair price that incentivizes growth.

If your business qualifies for FixedUnlimited, you’ll gain access to a simple, cost-effective way to take control of your entire asset operation without jumping through pricing hoops.

Choose flexibility, affordability and a long-term solution for efficiently managing all of your business’s critical assets.

Book a Whip Around demo today.

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