IAS Fine Art Logistics Protects Staff and Assets While Saving Time

“[Whip Around] has saved me so much time and improved our maintenance, safety, and staff satisfaction.”

  • Now has instant access to critical documentation
  • Less time digging through paperwork
  • Enabling a culture of safety and efficiency

Since 1986, IAS Fine Art Logistics (IAS) has been one of Australia’s leading providers of fine art logistics solutions and a national fine art logistics company offering a full array of services. Whether you have a single piece of artwork or an entire museum collection, IAS can provide door to door local, interstate and international transportation services.

IAS is more than a company of 67 individuals; it’s a team of people who all have a deep passion and love for art and the people who create, collect, and exhibit it.  IAS’s fleet of 27 vehicles,  ranging from a small van to a 12 PLT Pantech with trailer, is central to the company’s ability to deliver on its promises to customers. 

An Ineffective DVIR system

“Our branches were using a paper-based daily check system prior to Whip Around, and to be brutally honest, it was not working and was worthless,” explained Jason Barnett, National Operations Manager, IAS Fine Art Logistics. The team was in dire need of a new Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) solution, one that, unlike their existing system, would enable them to customize inspection forms for their range of vehicles.

The struggles were real. The paper DVIR forms were too small. They were tick sheets with no room for noting additional details on faults identified, and there was no way to submit photos of issues. Compounding IAS’s frustrations with a paper-based inspection process was the fact that drivers with poor handwriting either didn’t note faults down or made illegible notes. “The check and balance system were difficult to manage, and the whole process was time-consuming,” said Barnett

Describing the impact of an outdated inspection process on those operating company vehicles, Barnett commented, “Drivers felt like they were not being heard as trucks were not being serviced and repaired as promptly as they could have been ⁠— nor did they feel they had adequate space to note issues with the vehicle.”

Finding the Right Solution

Barnett explained that a Whip Around representative had reached out to his predecessor some time ago, but that he hadn’t had time to book a demo. He was sure to share Whip Around’s details with Barnett, though. When Barnett received the details, he didn’t wait a second longer to schedule a time to see Whip Around in action. “I wanted to have an app-based check for many reasons, but a few being real-time live reporting, a better maintenance program, and drivers having more opportunities to raise issues with vehicles,” he said. 

Whip Around Benefits More Than Just Drivers

On the benefits of implementing Whip Around, Barnett said, “Whip Around has provided our drivers with a more detailed safety check all on the same device they use to undertake their daily pick ups and collections.”

Benefits are experienced by more than just IAS drivers as Barnett continued to explain. ”Whip Around has given me more time each day,” said Barnett, whose days of being bogged down in inspection paperwork are now over. He highlighted that the real-time reports sent directly to managers’ inboxes saves them time. “It also tells you [in real time] that there is a serious issue and gives you the opportunity to ground the truck immediately, rather than send it out on the road in an unsafe condition,” he added. 

Since using Whip Around, IAS’s servicing schedules have been adhered to by a much higher rate than previously. “Our servicing schedules are now being met 99% of the time, and the 1% is no fault of Whip Around’s. The past monthly audits showed we were failing in this area by around 50%, commented Barnett. “Our fleet is being kept in better condition and, in turn, our people, our assets, and the public are safer.”

“I love Whip Around. It has given me a better insight into our fleet. I can see generic issues with the same banded vehicles easier which, in turn, helps me with warranty with dealers,” said Barnett. “The online and email support you provide is fantastic, and the whole team has always been helpful and easy to deal with.”

When asked if he’d recommend Whip Around to his peers, Barnett replied, “For sure.” He cited the following reasons: 

  • It’s user friendly and can be tailored to your individual needs.
  • It saves time and money and protects assets.
  • He values the real-time reporting functionality, describing it as “fantastic”.
  • The ability to upload all documents and store them in the cloud.
  • It has improved IAS’s maintenance, safety, and staff satisfaction.
  • You can sign off all faults as they are fixed, search the history of the vehicle, and even get mechanics involved directly from the platform.
  • The new maintenance section and driver well-being sections are “great initiatives.”

Overall, IAS had a positive experience transitioning from an outdated, paper-based inspection process to Whip Around’s digital solution for inspections and maintenance. “I can’t speak highly enough of Whip Around,” said Barnett. 

Explore Whip Around

With a driver-friendly app for inspections, a manager’s app to manage faults and work orders on the go, and a web-based dashboard for fleet managers and mechanics, Whip Around provides a one-stop solution for fleet operators looking to take control of fleet maintenance and compliance  ⁠— all without the need for paper, spreadsheets and whiteboards.  If you are ready to take the first step towards better managing your fleet, book a Whip Around demo today.