SkyHop Global Adopts Powerful Solution for DOT Compliance & Efficiency

“With Whip Around’s digital platform providing SkyHop a centralized point of access across the board, the company’s administrative and analytical tasks have become much easier to fulfill.”

  • Enabling a culture of safety
  • No more stressing about DOT compliance audits
  • Quickly resolved faults

SkyHop Global began in 2014 as a premium service for airline ground crew transportation. In three years the company grew from a regional service to a national company. SkyHop now serves dozens of markets, including Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Miami, and completes upwards of 500,000 trips on an annual basis. It boasts a fleet of 200 vehicles, and employs 300 drivers.

Safety is a primary concern for SkyHop Global, and is a major selling point for the company. The company advertises their third party safety monitoring, their awards for especially safe drivers, their “100% buckled up policy,” and their vehicle inspections which are performed every shift.

Challenges Faced By SkyHop Global

Before discovering Whip Around, SkyHop Global faced some challenges relating to consistent implementation of record-keeping processes. Their drivers can begin their shifts anytime during the day, meaning that there is by default no set time specifically mandated for vehicle inspections.

Also, because they have expanded into so many different markets, there was difficulty in centralizing the data from vehicle inspections, and compiling and storing the records for DOT compliance. A DOT compliance audit was an ever-present fear, not because of negligence, but rather because of a lack in the consolidated organization of the necessary information. There was a critical need for some way to streamline the inspection and record-keeping process, and unify all of the stations by tying them to a centralized, digital point of access.

How Whip Around Provided Assistance

One of SkyHop Global’s previous HR managers discovered Whip Around online and was impressed with its unique solution to vehicle inspection and DOT compliance issues. With Whip Around’s digital platform providing SkyHop a centralized point of access across the board, the company’s administrative and analytical tasks have become much easier to fulfill.

SkyHop Global’s Jordan Ford, who oversees Analysis and Administrative Services, especially praised Whip Around’s platform for assisting SkyHop to remain DOT compliant. He mentioned that he has “enjoyed all [his] interactions with Whip Around,” and that Whip Around’s software has encouraged great safety habits by SkyHop’s staff.

Ford largely works in an oversight role and coordinates the activities of team managers, each of whom care for a number of stations in turn. He mentioned that Whip Around’s app allows him to check off inspections at the end of the day and handle faults in real time. Furthermore, his managers are able to check in with their teams on a regular basis through the app’s Teams feature.

DOT Compliance Audits Are No Longer a Problem

One of the biggest advantages that Whip Around has provided for SkyHop Global is the removal of the fear of a DOT compliance audit. With vehicle safety checks securely logged in a centralized, user-friendly digital database, there is no longer any anxiety about potential fines or penalties coming from a failed audit.

Furthermore, Whip Around has added value to SkyHop Global’s brand image, by boosting the team’s credibility as safety experts. In summary, Whip Around has delivered the following benefits to SkyHop Global:

– Streamlined their company-wide vehicle inspection process

– Enhanced their ability to deal with vehicle faults

– Ensured that they will continue to remain DOT compliant

– Encouraged SkyHop Global’s staff to think “safety first” and form good safety habits

– Dispelled any anxiety around DOT compliance audits

– Boosted SkyHop Global’s credibility as premier safety experts

Benefits That Whip Around Offers

As the above case study shows, Whip Around’s paperless fleet inspection solution offers an abundance of competitive advantages to both light-duty and heavy-duty fleets. Some of these benefits include the following:


Keeping hard copy inspection records can be inconvenient and burdensome, especially in the hectic pace of today’s business world. Drivers may lose valuable time finding their hard copy DVIRs. Then, there is always the possibility that those reports could be misplaced at a later time, resulting in even more lost time and unnecessary stress. However, Whip Around’s innovative solution allows drivers to record data from their safety checks in one centralized, easily accessible location: the Whip Around app. Drivers can use their smartphones to fill out DVIR forms; and Whip Around’s intuitive app makes it simpler than ever to check off items on the inspection list.

Additional Features

Besides the convenience and intuitiveness of the Whip Around app, there are also several additional features that make vehicle inspection reports and vehicle faults much easier to handle. For instance, Whip Around allows drivers to upload photos to the app that clearly identify vehicular safety issues. Obviously, this saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in transferring and printing physical photos. When faults are discovered, Whip Around software also provides the option for drivers to create a work order on the spot, ensuring that the issue can be resolved in a prompt manner. These and other extra features add value to customers who must inspect and maintain their fleet vehicles on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

DOT Compliance

As in the case of SkyHop Global, Whip Around can protect fleet managers from the rising fines and penalties that come from a failed DOT audit. Having quick access to consolidated inspection records, which are organized and easily located can mean the difference between a failed audit and an audit passed with flying colors.

Brand Positioning

Utilizing Whip Around’s seamless inspection solution can add a ton of value to your company’s brand positioning strategy. For instance, SkyHop Global can continue to market itself as a forward-thinking, innovative transportation company that uses the latest technologies to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Using Whip Around as one component of that strategy only strengthens their position.


Without a doubt, Whip Around’s paperless fleet inspection software is a big win for fleet managers throughout the industry. As the example of SkyHop Global clearly demonstrates, Whip Around’s digital DVIR solution is a powerful driver for increased efficiency, safety, compliance, and business growth.

At Whip Around, we are committed to providing our clients with a seamless, painless, paperless solution to vehicle inspections. If you are interested in learning more about how Whip Around can add value to your transportation company, reach out to us today.