Swede Farms Continually Improve Operations with Whip Around

“Efficiency and quality of life improved for drivers and operations managers alike, offering excellent ROI for the software.”

  • No more difficulties collecting critical data
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Ability to edit records with convenience

Since 1991, Swede Farms has been the nation’s most trusted source for high quality dairy products. Owned by Marc and Fabian Lieberman, Swede Farms works with domestic and international vendors to distribute dairy products to some of the top food service establishments in the Tri-State Region. Key clients include hotels, restaurants, bakeries, caterers, private clubs, gourmet markets, and senior centers.

As a family-owned business, Swede Farms’ top priority is to provide their customers with the freshest dairy products consistently and without delay. Delivering excellent customer service is their top goal, and it is not uncommon for drivers to work around the clock to transport products from their state-of-the-art climate-controlled warehouse in Teaneck, New Jersey, to local customers as well as those in New York and Connecticut.

Swede Farms’ Top Challenges

Many businesses face data entry obstacles, but Swede Farms was facing an uphill battle with data collection problems and mounting mileage inaccuracies. With a fleet size of 16, Swede Farms’ operations were steadily growing as new customers invested in their services. Along with this growth, however, the owners found it increasingly difficult to manage their DVIR process. Below is a summary of some of the key challenges that prompted the Swede Farms team to seek professional expertise from Whip Around:

– Data collection difficulties: Truck drivers were repeatedly failing to provide required data.

– Recurring data inaccuracies: For example, truck drivers were frequently completing DVIRs for an incorrect truck number.

– Mileage mistakes: Simple errors could throw off records by 20,000 miles in a single day.

– Wasted time: Excessive time was being spent correcting inaccurate data.

– Shortage of employee time: A disproportionate amount of employee time was being used to save and scan data.

– Wasted resources: Money was being spent to purchase paper, manage printers, organize paperwork, and buy filing cabinets.

– Lack of flexibility: Editing existing mileage records or adjusting dates proved to be challenging.

As these challenges spiraled out of control, the leaders at Swede Farms recognized that their industry success and commitment to excellence were being limited by an outdated paper-based system. They launched their search for an accomplished leader in the electronic DVIR industry and began carefully evaluating potential providers.

How Whip Around Transformed Swede Farms

At the same time that the Swede Farms team was exploring solutions to these barriers to success, Whip Around was proactively reaching out to Swede Farms to offer their services. As a member of the New York Dairy Foods Association, Swede Farms is held to the highest industry standards and was eager to find a total solution to the challenges outlined above.

The timing was perfect when Lori Lieberman at Swede Farms received an outreach email from Whip Around. A relationship was quickly established as the Whip Around team introduced their digital solution to Swede Farms. The business’ drivers, managers, and owners began to see the value delivered by the Whip Around platform.

Here are some of the specific ways that Whip Around was able to transform daily operations for Swede Farms:

– Superb value: The Swede Farms leadership team was amazed to see how much value the Whip Around solution generated for their 16-truck business. Efficiency and quality of life improved for drivers and operations managers alike, offering excellent ROI for the software.

– Improved data accuracy: Whip Around’s electronic platform virtually eliminated data entry errors that were due to misreading scribbled notes on paper. Illegible writing and human error were greatly reduced with the introduction of Whip Around’s paperless platform.

– Ability to edit records: A lack of flexibility was a key complaint voiced by Swede Farms. With an electronic system, editing of records is not only possible, it can be done easily. And drivers are able to do virtually anything except scribble on a piece of paper.

– Conservation of resources: With the introduction of a paperless system, Swede Farms began to spend less on paper, filing, and printing costs. More importantly, electronic record keeping makes the data reporting process fast and easy for drivers, enabling them to spend less time on record-keeping and more time on driving.

– Convenience: Whip Around’s platform makes it easy for drivers to provide required information using their favorite mobile device. They no longer have to track down notes scrawled on receipts or random pieces of paper, or attempt to try to decipher their smudged notes.

– Consistent reporting: With a fleet of 16 vehicles, consistency was a welcome addition to the reporting process. Rather than trying to track down notes scrawled by 16 different drivers in 16 different ways and handwriting styles, Swede Farms was able to receive data in a neatly organized, consistent format.

Learn How Whip Around Can Benefit Your Business

Swede Farms is just one of the many businesses across the globe that Whip Around has transformed. Our passion is helping businesses with seemingly insurmountable challenges overcome those barriers and enjoy success. We invite you to contact us to learn how Whip Around’s paperless fleet inspections can help your business thrive. Our digital DVIR will revolutionize your reporting and optimize driver efficiency. We work with clients across the globe and offer unparalleled customer service if you require assistance. Most importantly, our digital reporting platform will help you save time and improve your bottom line. We look forward to the opportunity to enhance your operations.