Keep Your Construction Business Compliant

Streamline your inspections and stay compliant with DOT and OSHA regulations

Maintain the Safety of Your People

Ensure Heavy Vehicle and Equipment Safety

The construction industry has many layers of health and safety, compliance, and fleet management that overlap. With heavy vehicles, equipment, and people all working in the same environments and often travelling between job sites, the risk profile of a company’s operations increases. With the disparate nature of these fleets and teams, the task of managing risk and compliance becomes extremely difficult.

Operators in the sector are looking to improve safety and compliance while optimizing process efficiency and minimizing unnecessary costs. Whip Around is focused on delivering efficiency to companies with dispersed assets, connecting teams, minimizing downtime, and reducing unplanned maintenance and repair costs, all with a foundation of improving safety.

Simplify fleet inspections

End paperwork hassles. Customize easy-to-follow DVIR and OSHA checklists for drivers and equipment operators to complete via an app.

Fix faults promptly

Get notified as soon as issues are identified and immediately take steps to resolve them. Enhance communication between you, your drivers, and your mechanics.

Stay in control of maintenance

Prevent unnecessary repairs and downtime. Configure reminders for maintenance and service intervals based on mileage, engine hours, or time.

Make informed decisions

Improve decision-making with real-time updates on your fleet. Increase efficiency and free up time to focus on growing your business.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Leading companies in the construction industry are taking control of their fleets with Whip Around.

I have 24 utility trucks and 2 peterbuilts, and this app-based program really helps. What first attracted me to it is how simple it looked for my field techs.

Mike MuratallaAsset Manager, Gray West

Love the ability to communicate with teams. Accountability from every angle. Great record keeping.

Mike TuckerBranch Manager, Arrowhead Building Supply Inc

Easily lets drivers tell us if there are any issues with their trucks.

Chris AugustineMechanic, Carolina Site
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