DVIR Alerts on Moving Vehicles: The best way to ensure fleet compliance on the go

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DVIR Alerts on Moving Vehicles: The best way to ensure fleet compliance on the go

As a result, mobile apps pose an exceptional opportunity for fleet managers to stay on top of fleet management whilst they are out of the office on the go. But, connecting GPS to fleet inspection technology is notoriously difficult and has been ignored by all Fleet Management and Telematics software companies. Up until recently, it has been near impossible for fleet managers to keep track of which vehicles have been inspected before use each day. Other than physically standing at the exit to the yard and checking the drivers DVIR paperwork or mobile app record, there was no way to automate this process.

So we built it for you in conjunction with our partner Geotab – today we’re incredibly excited to announce DVIR Alerts on Moving Vehicles. Welcome to the world’s first compliance setting that alerts you when a DVIR is not completed and a vehicle is on the move. With DVIR Alerts on Moving Vehicles, Whip Around will send you an email and/or a push notification alerting you when your vehicles are moving without a required DVIR completed on them.

Connect Whip Around to Geotab to see the magic unfold

Recently we launched an integration partnership with Geotab, the worlds largest telematics provider and as part of this integration, DVIR Alerts on Moving Vehicles is available to all mutual customers at no additional charge. Simply follow these instructions to set up your account with the integration and under your settings in Whip Around, turn on the notifications.

We give you not 1, but 2 settings! The first setting gives your managers a push notification and email alert if the vehicle is moving and has not had a certain form completed.  The second setting lets you know if a vehicle is on the move with outstanding defects and/or faults that could cause an accident.

In summary

This is a world-first solution that fleet managers have been asking for. No more winding if a vehicle has left the yard without a DVIR. No more worrying about fines, violations and being sued for an unavoidable accident caused by a vehicle defect.

To get started with Whip Around and Geotab, book a demo with us.

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