How to leverage telematics data from your fleet maintenance software

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How to leverage telematics data from your fleet maintenance software

Here are some of America’s best-known telematics firms:

What is telematics?

According to Teletrac Navman, Telematics is the technology used to monitor a wide range of information relating to an individual vehicle or an entire fleet. Telematics systems gather data including vehicle location, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, and vehicle activity, and visualize this data on software platforms that help fleet operators manage their resources.

Telematics and fleet maintenance

One of the key sources of data from a telematics solution is the engine fault codes but the trouble with fleet management products that manage the data from the telematics device is that there is no way to record and manage what the mechanic has done to fix them. This is where Fleet Maintenance software comes into play.  Fleet Maintenance software that’s integrated into Fleet Management software gives fleet managers the ability to pull fault codes from the engine and inspection defect items into a list of items that need to be repaired by a mechanic.  A good maintenance software will enable the user to send faults and defects to their internal mechanics and external vendors digitally. If it’s a leading software it will also enable you to group faults and defects into work orders that provide parts, labor, and cost tracking information.

Another source of data is the odometer and engine hours that can be pulled from the telematics device into the fleet management software. Service schedules can be set in most fleet management solutions however there is no way to turn these into work orders leaving a big gap when it comes to your legal requirements.

In comes Whip Around

Whip Around’s fleet maintenance software is a leading solution focused on DOT compliance.  It meets the FMCSA requirements and helps fleets improve their CSA scores and in turn, reduce insurance premiums.

Whip Around integrates with the two largest Telematics firms in North America, Geotab and Verizon Connect. The integration with Geotab pulls engine fault codes and inspection defects into the Whip Around fault module.  Here faults and defects can be grouped together along with a routine service triggered by the mileage or engine hours which is also pulled from Geotab’s Go Devices.

Engine faults, inspection defects & servicing are grouped into work orders and sent to mechanics to record the details, parts, labor, and associated costs. Details recorded are available to users at any time and on any device.

Final words

Telematics is a great way to collect data on your fleet of vehicles and most come with a Fleet Management solution to display the data.  When it comes to fleet maintenance, you’ll need a system that can take the data and provide a system for your mechanics to update and report on.  This is a critical component to ensuring your fleet maintains compliance, safety, and reliability.

To speak to us about the Geotab integration click here.

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