Take Action Quickly on Faults Recorded in the Field

Ensure your fleet is kept in tip-top condition and operating safely on the road

Be Alerted in Real Time When an Issue Arises

Stay on top of reactive issues across your fleet with Whip Around’s suite of notifications. When issues are recorded by your drivers, you’ll be notified immediately, so you can stay in control of fleet maintenance and safety.

Assign Faults to Internal Mechanics or External Vendors

Whether you have internal mechanics or external vendors, you need to fix issues with your fleet promptly. Whip Around’s unique mechanic assignment tool lets you delegate with confidence. Your mechanics and vendors will be notified and able to add comments, documents, and status changes to each fault.

Ensure Compliance With a Mechanic's Signature

As part of FMSCA 396.11 Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), mechanics are required to certify that a defect has been repaired or that the vehicle is still safe to operate without the repair. Have your mechanics sign off on defects with a digital signature to ensure DOT compliance is met.


More Ways to Use Whip Around

Preventative Maintenance

Automate your service schedules at scale and take control of fleet maintenance

Work Order Management

Create powerful work orders from faults and service schedules and assign work to your mechanics with confidence

Cost & Maintenance Tracking

Know the maintenance history of every vehicle in your fleet