Fleet Maintenance: Types of Businesses That Will Benefit From Whip Around

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Fleet Maintenance: Types of Businesses That Will Benefit From Whip Around

Whether your business has one piece of equipment or thousands of vehicles in its fleet, it’s important to keep up with fleet maintenance. This may seem like an irksome, time-consuming task, but it is one of the most important aspects of running a fleet.

And it can have a huge negative effect on your bottom line if neglected.

Why is Fleet Maintenance Important?

Most business owners do not realize that failure to properly maintain and repair company vehicles is a silent profit killer. Not only do improperly maintained vehicles pose an unwanted safety hazard to your drivers, but they can cost you an exorbitant amount of money in both the short and long term. When vehicles go out of commission for repairs, the efficiency and productivity of your team suffer.

Failure to keep your fleet in compliance can result in fines, penalties, and costly downtime that will continue to drag your business down until you can meet fleet compliance.

What’s the Easiest Way to Keep Your Fleet is in Compliance?

Gone are the days of fighting with a mound of paperwork in order to conduct vehicle inspections and properly document the chain of responsibility in case questions arise. Today, there is a much easier way to conduct vehicle inspections, make sure your vehicles meet compliance, document and access a vehicle’s inspection history, and ensure everyone on your team is held accountable.

Digital Inspections and DVIRs

Whip Around is a platform and app that allows owners to easily keep up with all of their vehicles from a single, centralized hub. In fact, each driver has a separate account for conducting inspections on his or her vehicle. If there is a problem with a vehicle, the driver can initiate a work order immediately — while communicating that to the fleet manager and mechanic in real time.

These automated notifications ensure action is taken to resolve the problem far faster than was previously possible. This program eliminates time-consuming paperwork, dates and time stamps every action for later reference, and allows for mandatory photos to ensure nothing is missed. Not to mention its customizable inspection forms, which create endless possibilities for all types of assets and industries.

Speaking of industries, let’s take a look at how this revolutionary software can keep your fleet well-maintained and compliant — no matter what industry you’re in.

Transportation and Logistics

As a part of the transportation and logistics industry, your company is responsible for making sure the product is distributed and delivered to the appropriate locations in a timely manner. Your fleet is an integral part of your company.

Productivity slows or comes to a halt if your fleet is out of commission. With Whip Around, your drivers are able to report problems no matter where they are with the touch of a button. This reduces the amount of time spent reporting the problem, waiting for paperwork to be received, processed, and then repairs approved. Time is money in your industry.

Passenger & Limos

If your business is a proud member of the Passenger industry, safety is a primary concern. Your customers have faith every time they enter one of your vehicles that their journey will be a safe one. One bad experience can not only harm your business but if severe enough could be the end of your company. With Whip Around, put your drivers in control of their vehicle.

Each driver can individually conduct daily inspections. You can even create a custom checklist within the app to make sure that your vehicles meet and exceed compliance. The team at Renee’s Limos, for example, enjoyed huge time and cost savings by eliminating paper and pencil whipping while ensuring their fleet remained audit-ready at all times.


Whip Around is not just suitable for road vehicles. As a business in the construction industry, you can certainly benefit from this paperless app. Construction equipment and vehicles tend to be subject to excessive wear and tear. This makes checklists and inspections all the more important.

With Whip Around, your crew can inspect their equipment daily and run through the custom checklist to ensure your company’s vehicles and equipment stay in proper running order. For instance, it’s easy to forget to check oil and hydraulic fluid. With a checklist at your drivers’ fingertips, never miss a check again.

Education Transportation

When it comes to the education industry, you are responsible for the safe transportation of students of all ages. Parents trust that your institution or school system will make sure their children arrive from point A to Point B safely. Educational institutions tend to have large fleets.

Instead of just a few managers making the daily inspections on all vehicles, it would be much more efficient for each driver to be able to make his or her own inspection. As a manager, you can analyze all of the inspections from one app and handle any issues quickly.


More than likely government vehicles are not kept in one place. This can make it difficult to easily conduct inspections and keep up with routine maintenance. With Whip Around, the driver can conduct the necessary inspections from anywhere and once completed it will be sent to the main database with a date, location, and time stamp.

The program makes it easy to keep up with who conducted the inspection, where the inspection was conducted, along with the day and time.

Food and Beverage

Your company’s fleet is necessary when it comes to catering or distributing your products to retailers. Food and drinks are perishable, so delivering the product on time is important to prevent loss of product which will eat at your bottom line.

With Whip Around, your drivers will not miss a beat when making deliveries. They can conduct inspections from anywhere. If they do encounter an issue, the problem can be resolved much quicker, which reduces the chances of product spoilage.

Service Providers

Service providers stay on the road day in and day out. Often times drivers take their vehicles home at the end of the day. This can make necessary inspections difficult to conduct. With Whip Around, drivers do not have to report to the home office just for an inspection.

They can log-in from their phone and conduct inspections from the convenience of their driveway. This increases the overall efficiency and productivity of your company.

Oil, Gas, & Mining

Transporting materials in the oil, gas, and mining industry often means hauling explosives or flammable material. This makes the safety of your fleet of the utmost importance. Whip Around allows owners and managers to keep up with inspections, create custom checklists, and ensure all vehicles receive routine maintenance.


Every minute a truck is out of commission is money lost. Trucking is all about hauling product from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. An unsafe vehicle increases the chances of an accident, resulting in the loss of product. A truck running inefficiently costs the driver time and company money.

Whip Around allows you to manage the data from all of your trucks in one place. You can see which vehicles are running inefficiently or need routine maintenance. Naegeli Transportation, for example, saw massive improvements in communications and inspection processes after implementing Whip Around.


Utility vehicles endure a great amount of wear and tear. They are on call 24/7, especially when it comes to companies in the power/electricity field. Make sure your vehicles are ready at a moment’s notice with Whip Around. Conduct inspections and submit work orders with the touch of a button.


The towing industry is built around helping vehicles which have encountered a mechanical issue that renders them unable to be driven. Your company’s fleet must be ready at a moment’s notice to help your clients. An out of commission fleet can result in a loss of customers.

Whip Around allows both you and your drivers to conduct inspections easier and faster and keep up with routine vehicle maintenance so your drivers are ready to go on a moment’s notice. Just ask the folks at Eppler Towing & Recovery.

Waste Management

Vehicles are at the core of waste management companies. Whether your fleet is small or large, Whip Around allows you to manage the data from every vehicle in one place. Keep track of which vehicles are due for service soon and where you can make improvements in order to improve the efficiency of your business.

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Whip Around has revolutionized fleet maintenance, making it easier for companies to keep their vehicles safe and compliant while reducing downtime and supercharging productivity.

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