How Fleet Maintenance Software Dramatically Improves Cost Predictability For Construction

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How Fleet Maintenance Software Dramatically Improves Cost Predictability For Construction

Construction companies encompass several moving parts, and managers should not have to stress over fleet maintenance. Cost predictability can be difficult in the industry, but cost predictability is extremely important for profit. Fleet maintenance software can help with cost predictability in construction by providing a centralized platform for managing and tracking the maintenance, as well as repair of equipment used in construction projects that can be easily overlooked.

Preventive Maintenance

Fleet maintenance software can be set up to automatically schedule regular maintenance activities for each piece of equipment, which can help to prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce the need for costly emergency repairs. Scheduled maintenance has a wide range of cost-saving benefits, as well as reliable cost predictions. Companies can save on paying workers downtime and save on the daily lost opportunity cost of the vehicle not operating. Maintenance will be planned according to maximizing uptime, revenue, and opportunity cost. However, organizing preventative maintenance can be a major headache. Fleet maintenance software plans scheduled maintenance for each vehicle with alerts and notifications.

Maintenance History Tracking

Fleet maintenance software can store and track the history of maintenance as well as repair activities performed on each piece of equipment. Vehicle history allows management to view patterns and identify potential issues before any defect becomes a major problem. These patterns enable mechanics to predict future maintenance that may need to be performed and are easily communicated to management. Management does not have to rely on memory or scattered paperwork to track maintenance history. Data of each vehicle will be digitized, making data more accessible. Ultimately, management will be able to predict costs and make better maintenance decisions.

Fleet Inventory and Parts Management

Inventory can have a surprising effect on the productivity of a fleet when parts are low in stock which can increase the downtime of a vehicle that needs repairs. Depending on the part, waiting for delivery can take a couple of weeks. Whereas, if the parts are already stocked in preparation for maintenance, the vehicle can go into planned downtime. If the downtime is unplanned, getting the vehicle operating and back into uptime will happen much quicker if inventory is appropriately stocked. Fleet maintenance software can be used to manage fleet inventory which includes various spare parts. Fleet maintenance software can track vehicle and part usage which avoids overstocking or running out of critical components.

Improved Equipment Utilization

Downtime has a major impact on the productivity of a fleet of any size. Downtime, especially unpredicted downtime, can be detrimental to cost predictability in construction. If vehicles are not operating, that can delay a project and increase construction costs. In turn, revenue is reduced. By ensuring that equipment is properly maintained and repaired, fleet maintenance software can help to improve equipment utilization. Increasing equipment uptime reduces the need for costly equipment replacements.

In summary, fleet maintenance software can provide valuable data and insights that can help construction companies to improve their cost predictability, particularly by controlling their maintenance expenses. Downtime is a major revenue killer, and taking action to avoid downtime in construction will dramatically save on costs and improves cost prediction. Whip Around is a fleet maintenance software company that encompasses a variety of solutions ranging from maintenance, compliance, reporting, and inspections.

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