What is a Fleet Maintenance Software App?

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What is a Fleet Maintenance Software App?

Managing a fleet is no easy task, with hundreds of vehicles around the globe with millions of different types of cargo. Fleets have many different moving parts, fleet maintenance software ensures a fleet continues to function like a well-oiled machine while successfully traversing through the 21st century. Fleet managers using fleet maintenance software gain access to every vehicle in the fleet, tracking information such as scheduled vehicle maintenance, work orders, fuel consumption, mileage and so much more can be viewed with just a few clicks and swipes in the fleet maintenance software app.

Easy to Track Important Information

Fleet maintenance software apps can keep fleet managers on task with scheduled routine maintenance and repairs, tracked expenses, vehicle usage, and custom alerts for any maintenance needs. Fleet maintenance software apps can help to improve a fleet’s fuel efficiency, reduce downtime, and extend the longevity of vehicles within the fleet.


Mileage tracking is essential when operating a fleet. Fleet maintenance software apps offer fleet managers any fleet vehicle’s mileage at the touch of a button. Providing vital information on fuel efficiency, fuel consumption, and cost throughout a vehicle’s lifespan.

Cost Effective

Readily accessed fuel effectiveness is necessary when operating a fleet. Fleet maintenance software apps give fleet managers a vehicle’s fuel cost and efficiency at a moment’s notice. Guaranteeing fleet managers are ready for any issue drivers may encounter. Fleet maintenance software also keeps track of routine maintenance, assuring fleet managers never miss a vehicle’s scheduled appointments, while preventing downtime.

The Lifespan of Fleet Vehicles

Easily track any fleet vehicle’s longevity using fleet maintenance software apps. Fleet maintenance software tracks a vehicle’s make, model, registration number, insurance details, maintenance, fuel cost, fuel efficiency, inspections, reports, and compliance. Fleet maintenance software ensures each fleet vehicle is always performing at the gold standard of excellence.

Work Order Management

Work order management is the cycle of ordered tasks to be completed as quickly and effectively as possible. Proper work order management can decrease fleet downtime as well as maximize assets. When following work order management’s seven-step process with fleet maintenance software; managers are always ready for any unwanted disaster.


Fleet maintenance software apps offer managers many resolutions in areas such as reporting, maintenance, inspections, and compliance at the touch of a button. Fleet maintenance software makes sure managers are ready at a moment’s notice.


Fleet maintenance software makes fleet reporting easy. Custom-made forms, create simple easy-to-use worksheets for fleet managers and drivers. Fleet managers no longer have to fuss with trying to read someone’s writing, with typed fillable custom forms; daily reports are made more efficient and easy to navigate.


Maintaining a fleet is grueling work, with each vehicle’s records and warranties needing to be maintained and ready at all times, fleet managers rely on fleet maintenance software. Minimizing the risk of unpredicted breakdowns and downtime.


Inspections are necessary to ensure a fleet is always in compliance. Documents and appointments can get lost in the daily grind. Fleet maintenance software apps make documentation efficient and reliable at a touch of a button. Custom alerts, notify fleet managers of routine inspections and maintenance, guaranteeing the fleet runs efficiently and no vehicle is placed into unnecessary downtime.


Compliance ensures safety, fleet managers must adhere to compliance standards, safety regulations, and maintenance checks to keep fleet drivers safe and operational.

Whip Around

Fleet maintenance software needs to be reliable and easily accessible from anywhere. Whip Around offers a premium fleet maintenance software app that guarantees fleets are reporting, scheduled maintenance is kept, vehicles are ready for an inspection at any point in time, and compliance standards are met and adhered to easily. Whip Around offers services for any size fleet; allowing for Whip Around’s premium service to grow with the fleet as the size is bound to increase!

Fleet managers must adhere to many standards while conducting their fleet. Reporting, maintenance, inspections, and compliance ensure a fleet’s longevity but only fleet maintenance software can make adhering to these four values easier; navigating the fast-paced environment that is the transportation industry.

Fleet maintenance software can streamline a fleet’s management process while guaranteeing vehicles are up to compliance performance and reliability. No matter what goods or materials are in transit, fleet maintenance software helps to ensure drivers and vehicles achieve delivery while also completing the voyage.

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