How to Simplify Fleet Compliance

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How to Simplify Fleet Compliance

We all know big brother is watching. Promoting safety and reliability to your employees is continually at the forefront of our minds when observing compliance standards. Unfortunately, the powers that be can make these necessary safety precautions tedious if not done correctly the first time. 

The Importance of Fleet Compliance

Time, money, and safety are the most important factors when adhering to compliance standards. Paperwork can get lost or forgotten, causing overdue maintenance and the possibility of faulty equipment.  


Penalties are no joke and always seem to hit us when we least expect them. Recurring penalties and fines add up quickly and can impact your business’ reputation even quicker. Fleet compliance software helps alert you and your drivers of any required maintenance or forms. The money that you save by switching to fleet compliance software helps build your business even bigger. 

Fleet Compliance Pain Points

Paperwork is prone to human error. It can be lost easily and has a habit of being misinterpreted. Fleet compliance software ensures your records are kept up to date while providing easy-to-understand formatting.

Fleet Compliance Solutions 

Compliance standards can be challenging to keep up with. Rushing paperwork to and from each vehicle at the beginning and end of the day becomes a redundant task in our fast-paced world. 

Fleet compliance software offers the solutions to launch your fleet into the future. FMCSA, OSHA, and DOT forms can be digitally stored records as well as any customizable reports you need to ensure your fleet is on task. Automated alerts and notifications keep your fleet up to code and ready for whatever the day may bring. 

Whip Around

Compliance can be a waking nightmare. With Whip Around’s help, you can turn your compliance nightmare into blissful dreams. Fleet compliance has never been easier, with digital records accessible at a touch of a button on Whip Around’s Fleet Manager Dashboard. Providing you with the reassurance of reliable inspections, and alerting you of any maintenance due on your vehicles. 

1-800-Got-Junk Compliance Solutions

1-800- Got-Junk knew after missing multiple maintenance requirements on their trucks there had to be a better solution. After years of scrambling to keep accurate records while running day-to-day operations, 1-800-Got-Junk had to put their faith in Whip Around. Providing them with the best compliance solution on the market. 

Digital Records

1-800-Got-Junk is required to keep inspection records for 14 days. Whip Around provides workers with easy access to digital storage for records, granting the ability to display proper documentation to enforcement officers at a moment’s notice. 

Per NYC requirements, trash waste operators must be able to provide three different records at any time within each of their vehicles. With these new requirements, 1-800-Got-Junk could not afford to maintain paper records. Whip Around made their transition to digital records simple giving their workers immediate access to the appropriate and up-to-date documentation. 

Reliable Inspections

1-800-Got-Junk’s slogan is “point and junk disappears”. Given their motto promises a quick response, they must ensure their fleet is ready and up to whatever job may arise that day. If not they risk losing business to other competitors while their trucks are in downtime. 

Once 1-800-Got-Junk added Whip Around to their operations, inspections became accessible with a simple tap. 

Maintenance Requirement Alerts and Notifications

1-800 Got-Junk saw immediate improvements when implementing Whip Around’s fleet maintenance software. Realizing four of their trucks were past due on oil changes, the issue was identified and quickly resolved. The trucks were ready for the next load of junk. Alerts and notifications are now in place, making sure they never miss preventative maintenance again. 

Compliance can be an unwanted headache. Whip Around’s fleet maintenance software ensures your fleet stays up to code, with proper documentation easily accessible from anywhere.

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