What is Fleet Reporting Software

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What is Fleet Reporting Software

The trucking and construction industries are more vital than ever as shown in recent years. Companies must make sure they are performing within compliance, ensuring their trucks are up and running for any task. Fleet managers and drivers need quick easy access to compliance forms and requirements to meet DOT, FMCSA, and OSHA regulations. Paper reporting is no longer working. As fleet companies rapidly expand to meet transportation needs, doing things “the old fashion way” is not cutting it. 

Fleet reporting software gives your managers access to the entire fleet with a touch of a button. Allowing driver documents and reports to be viewed in real-time. Optimizing your schedule on more demanding tasks. 

Benefits of Fleet Reporting Software

Do you find yourself searching for driver’s lost DVIRs unsure if it was ever filled out in the first place? When searching for the documents in the stack of paperwork shoved in filing cabinets, you can’t find the report you need. 

Fleet reporting software ensures accountability from your drivers. Supplying your company with easy-to-access and digital records, ensuring you are always up to date. 

Features of Fleet Reporting Software

Fleet reporting software brings your business into the present. Digitizing reports for easy filing and access at a moment’s notice. Mileage and hours can be easily tracked with a quick picture ensuring your vehicles are ready for every journey. Pictures can also be used to report defects or damage with crystal clear clarification of the issue.

Is Fleet Reporting Software Right for Your Company 

No matter your company’s size, fleet reporting software propels your company forward to thrive. Taking away required but time-consuming work of filing papers and ensuring drivers are accountable. Paperwork can also be referenced for audits and inevitable lawsuits in the profession. Instead of rummaging through unorganized documents, issues can be resolved from your fingertips. Fleet reporting software is insurance needed to reduce liability. 

How to Choose Fleet Reporting Software 

When searching for the right fleet reporting software information can get jumbled after speaking with countless sales representatives offering to install their technology into your trucks. Forcing you to take extra time out of your busy schedule to review each of their software in person, in the end costing you time and money. 

You need software that won’t give you a headache every time you want to add a vehicle to your fleet or need to access a driver’s report at 3:00 AM when there has been an accident. When making the investment you need to be sure the software company you choose is reliable. 

Whip Around

Whip Around provides the solution, their software allowing you to keep track of reporting and so much more. Whip Around’s app allows you to connect with your drivers from anywhere in real-time. Giving you access to their reports at a moment’s notice to address the issue and get business back on track. 

Skyline Destination 

Skyline Destination offers consumers a VIP-level experience, providing luxury transportation to destinations across the globe. Paper reporting could no longer keep up with their premier globalizing fleet of luxury vehicles.  

Filing Paperwork Headache

Skyline Destination started nearly two decades ago with a single vehicle. At the time paper was preferred, but as the fleet grew the paperwork became rambunctious and a constant headache. 

Skyline Destination started to see improvement from day one of using fleet reporting software. Once their company switched from piles of outdated paperwork to Whip Around they saw an immediate improvement. No longer trying to decipher handwritten reports a week old, now able to report the damage in real-time to their managers with a few pictures and digital forms. 

Customized Reports

Talk about how many forms are created for the trucking industry, Skyline destination was not bound to the same DOT regulations. Whip Around offers customized reports and cuts filing costs. 

Serving the globe means meeting different compliance requirements when operating a fleet service. Whip Around helps Skyline Destination never miss out on a client because a vehicle is in downtime. Customizable reports ensure your drivers are accountable and up to code with any compliance regulations. 

When the pandemic struck in 2020, Skyline Destination quickly adjusted to the new CDC guidelines. Thanks to Whip Around’s fleet reporting software, Skyline Destination tailored its forms to fit the new requirements. The forms immediately reach drivers to ensure their business kept their employees and customers safe during the pandemic. 

Damage Reports

Skyline Destinations provides VIP experiences but there is always a risk when traveling in any manner. Damage is bound to happen, fleet reporting software quickly reports any damage with a few pictures. Granting fleet managers instant access to assess accidents. Pictures ensure that damage is properly documented and the vehicle is fixed swiftly. 

Whip Around makes it easy to communicate damage reports. As well as provides a place to take pictures and descriptions of the damage. Managers can be informed when drivers use vehicles and when any damages occurred. 

Reporting can be time-consuming and if not properly managed get out of hand quickly. In our world, time is of the essence, business can no longer be stuck in the past of pen and paper than expect to survive. Whip Around ensures your fleet reporting is up to today’s standards. Propelling your fleet forward into the future of transportation

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Table of Contents

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