Empower Your Drivers With the Whip Around Mobile App

Let your drivers be your eyes in the field and react quickly to fleet issues as they arise

Easy for Your Drivers to Use

Give your drivers an easy to use mobile app to carry out inspections on your fleet. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Select the vehicle, select the form, tap Pass or Fail. The app automates key information such as location, time and date, and driver and vehicle details — saving your drivers thousands of hours.

Get a Clear Picture of Fleet Issues

The Whip Around app gives drivers the ability to take photos and record comments with voice-to-text functionality when you and your mechanics aren’t given a clear indication of what parts and tools are required to fix an issue.

Automate Daily Reminders

Set up daily reminders to ensure your drivers are conducting their inspections. With Whip Around’s push notifications, you’ll be notified when inspections haven’t been completed, who hasn’t completed them, and which vehicles have not been inspected, putting you back in control of fleet maintenance and compliance.


More Ways to Use Whip Around

Fault Management

Ensure your fleet is in tip-top condition and operating safely on the road

Preventative Maintenance

Automate your service schedules at scale and take control of fleet maintenance

Work Order Management

Create powerful work orders from faults and service schedules and assign work to your mechanics with confidence