Simplifying Your Daily DVIR Process is already at your Fingertips

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Simplifying Your Daily DVIR Process is already at your Fingertips

It’s a daily grind familiar to every fleet manager: get up early, fight traffic, get to the office, and begin fighting with your drivers about driver-vehicle inspection reports (DVIR). You hound them to do the inspections, to fully and accurately fill out the form, to tell you about any mechanical issues with your fleet, and to do more than just a cursory checkbox-based inspection.

You listen to whining about the hassle of inspections, the fact that they take up too much time, the frustration of endless paperwork. And then you add each day’s form to the avalanche of papers accumulating in your office, and hope for the best. You can simplify the DVIR process. And in so doing, you can get your time back and enjoy your job again.


No one likes being a paper-pushing bureaucrat. Yet the law on DVIR requirements is clear. These rules exist to ensure a safer road for everyone, and to keep your vehicles operating in a way that minimizes your own liability. If a driver is ever in an accident or you are sued, these important forms can serve as evidence that you’ve complied with your legal obligations and diligently worked to keep drivers and fellow motorists safe.

So you can’t ignore this important responsibility, and you should avoid doing the bare minimum. Someday you may need that paperwork, and your ability to readily access it can come in handy for everyone. It could even save your company. A chance to simplify your daily DVIR process is already at your fingertips — if you’re willing to give it a shot.

Whip Around helps you transition from traditional DVIR forms to electronic DVIR — eDVIR. This can be a revolution in your daily DVIR process. Here’s how we help you.


How do you feel each day when you walk into your office? Is it a place you can relax and escape daily pressures? Or is there an avalanche of paperwork that one day might fall to the ground and crush you?

You deserve a comfortable, organized place to work. If you’re like most fleet managers, your office has been taken over by a pile of paperwork. That’s annoying enough on its own, and can lead to chronic feelings of stress as you wade through the chaos. But the pile of paper can also have serious repercussions for your fleet. If you can’t find a DVIR, it might as well not exist.

So ask yourself: what would happen if a lawyer subpoena your records? Or if a government regulator came knocking, asking for all your DVIRs for the past three months? Sooner or later, you’re going to have to provide records of previous inspections. If they’re stacked up in your office, you might not be able to do so — or you might waste a week digging through papers, only to end up frustrated and exhausted.

eDVIRs allow you to put everything into the cloud. You can search for the papers you need, without digging through piles. Better still, you can retain inspection reports forever without cluttering up your office. So what will you do with all that spare time you no longer have to spend searching for papers?


Managing your drivers is a full-time job. But don’t you deserve a vacation? With Whip Around’s mobile app, you can see everything on your phone. No more baby-sitting drivers from afar, or delaying your time off till next week, next month, or next year because you don’t know who else will be able to keep track of things. Our mobile app empowers you to manage your team from anywhere.

This can be a revolution in the way you live. Time off isn’t just a nice luxury. It’s vital to your well-being. A quiet mind is the wellspring from which creativity grows. It’s something your hard work should have earned you already. You need time off, and you deserve it. With Whip Around, you can have it at long last.

Equally important, you’re no longer chained to your desk. Get all the information you need wherever you are. Deposition over a recent accident? Simply pull up our app. Meeting with a government regulator? No need to show up with a pile of file folders. Whip Around’s mobile app puts everything in one simple, intuitive, and most importantly of all, searchable location.


Federal law doesn’t require fleet managers to use any specific form. Rather, the form must only comply with the law, and document a comprehensive vehicle inspection. This means you can design your own forms. And you should.

For many drivers, the daily vehicle inspection is just another hassle. So they rush through it, checking boxes without ever really pausing to think or check the vehicle. Others are confused by endless forms and long pages of garbled nonsense. Neither produces a good result. These inspections are vital to safety, and you need for your drivers to take them seriously.

Well-designed forms encourage your drivers to think critically, and capture the most important information. You can even put simple reminders on the forms, or solicit input from your team about which forms are likely to work best.

Whip Around allows you to design your own forms in moments. So no more stack of ugly, useless forms. Put it all on your account, load them into your mobile app, and finally take pride in the DVIR process.


Whip Around is so confident you’ll love our service that we offer free accounts for 1-3 vehicles. Test us out, or use us to manage your small fleet. Need more? We offer affordable premium pricing for fleets of every size, and for a variety of management needs.

So what are you waiting for? Reclaim your time. Clean up your office. Quit fighting with your drivers. Open your free account today. Register here. Have questions? Get a free demo here.


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