Streamline your Daily Vehicle Inspection Reporting with eDVIR

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Streamline your Daily Vehicle Inspection Reporting with eDVIR

“Let’s make this task as long, and drawn out as humanly possible,” said no one ever.

If you’re like most people, you’re always looking for ways to make your job a little easier. For those in the commercial driving industry, one thing that could help relieve some stress is to streamline daily vehicle inspections with eDVIR.

What exactly does that mean, though? Today, we’re breaking it down to help your drivers complete their daily inspections, and get them on the road faster!


An eDVIR is a digital version of a driver vehicle inspection report. And, there’s an app for that – It’s called Whip Around, and it’s revolutionizing the way commercial drivers complete their daily inspections.

One of the most time consuming tasks commercial vehicle drivers have to complete is their DVIRs. The reason that it’s so time consuming, is because of just how many components there are on a vehicle that need to be checked on a regular basis.

Why do they all need to be checked? To ensure the vehicle is safe and in good driving condition. In other words, completing these inspections is the only way you will know if your vehicle is ready to be on the road, or not.

To add insult to this time consuming injury, many companies are still using pen and paper for their drivers to complete these reports. This outdated practice leads to:

  • The need to keep paper and ink, or copiers and toner on hand to make copies

  • Wasting time by

    • Drivers having to get a copy of the blank report (this could mean the need of making copies, or printing it out)

    • Writing stuff down, and trying to keep it readable for the boss/fleet manager (heaven forbid they make a mistake and have to start all over, and waste even more time)

    • Walking it, sometimes a significant distance, to the fleet manager’s office (and the inevitable time delay of stopping to talk to anyone and everyone on their route to and from the office)

  • Your company possibly needing to hire an administrative assistant to input all that data from the reports into a computer, or at least to file the paperwork

  • Paper-cuts (*Okay, so this is not critical, but they are a pain nonetheless)

We could go on, but you probably get the point. Pen and paper is just a nuisance that makes an already time-consuming task take that much longer. That’s where Whip Around comes in. The Whip Around app allows your drivers to digitally complete their DVIRs on an Android or iOS phone or tablet.


Once you create an account, you’ll be able to create custom inspection forms, add your drivers to the dashboard, and have them download the app to their mobile devices. Your drivers can then launch the app, select the inspection form they want to use, and the vehicle they are inspecting.

From there, they will be prompted to check each item listed on your inspection form. If there is a fault with any vehicle component listed on the form, another prompt will allow them to take a photo and type a comment about what the problem is.

Because it’s digital, you’ll never worry again about the readability of the form comments.You’ll also have a photograph of the problem, which could prevent the need to inquire further. Think of how much time you’ll save from no longer needing a back and forth with a driver about what they meant on a form alone.

Drivers won’t be able to miss or accidentally skip a portion of their inspection either, because they can’t skip ahead on the forms in the app. As the driver completes a portion, they will simply be directed onto the next item, and the next one after that, and so on, until they’ve completed it in full.

Once the inspection is complete, the driver simply signs off, and submits it to management. In a fraction of the time it would have taken to fill out a paper document, everything is completed and transmitted seamlessly from the driver’s phone or tablet to the management dashboard. The app will automatically record the location, time, date and driver’s details on the report as well. It will also then trigger an alert for the manager that the eDVIR is ready to review.

If there aren’t any faults on the vehicle, your driver and you can rest assured that the vehicle is safe to be on the road. However, if there are any faults present on the vehicle, management can assign it to a mechanic with just a couple of clicks. Updates to the forms are time and date stamped as well to ensure compliance for chain of responsibility.


If you manage a fleet, yes! Whip Around will streamline your daily vehicle inspection reporting with eDVIR. Never before has it been this easy to be compliant with government regulations.

Not only will your company save time on these reports, you’ll enjoy a reduction in accidents and repair bills as well. Users of the app often qualify for reduced insurance premiums too, thanks to the app providing them with audit-able records that prove safety and compliance. Whip Around could potentially unlock savings for your company that ultimately boost your bottom line.

Speaking of bottom lines, if you take nothing else from this post, take this. Whip Around is one investment that will yield countless returns for your commercial driving business. Let us show just how much we can do for you. Try Whip Around today!

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