Transforming Your Construction Business With Whip Around

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Transforming Your Construction Business With Whip Around


The construction business was one of the few industrial sectors which lagged behind in the surge of digital transformation which has come to be known collectively as Industry 4.0. Today that’s all changing, with construction enterprises embracing digital technology that encompasses traditional construction processes at every phase of the project. From accurate bidding and precision estimating to self-driving heavy machinery, and 3D virtual models of job sites generated by the versatile flying drones which are becoming a common staple of the 21st Century construction site, the digital transformation of the construction industry is quickly making up for lost time.

As construction companies begin to reap the rewards of their initial forays into digital transformation the construction sector is steadily moving toward automation and cloud-based solutions which increase productivity while reducing the burdens of obsolete paperwork. As construction writer John Biggs points out in his informative article at Jobsite Construction’s Digital Transformation and Where It’s Headed, the first digital technology to be embraced by the construction industry is big data.

For an industry “awash in paperwork at every level, from billing documents to blueprints to materials tracking to supplier information and labor scheduling” cloud-based analytics can streamline collaboration and workflow to hit important benchmarks and bring projects to completion on time and on budget.

Whip Around (WA) can help construction companies leverage the power of cloud-based digital transformation in 5 ways, combining the convenience of intuitive smartphone technology with the power of cloud-based solutions.


For construction companies with multiple ongoing projects in different states and national and international markets, compliance with applicable DOT authorities can quickly contribute to that condition where administrators find themselves “awash in paperwork”. A Daily Vehicle Inspection Report must be diligently performed on each company vehicle and the completed DVIR forms archived, sometimes going back for years, and compliance requirements may vary by state, territory, or country. WA ensures that you’re in compliance with the applicable DOT regulatory environment no matter where your company is operating.


Whip Around’s custom form capability lets managers determine what vehicles and equipment assets need to be inspected and when. Whip Around allows project managers to go beyond DOT compliance and address the individual inspection needs to suit the vehicles and heavy machinery assets used at each job. When drivers, equipment operators, and crew leaders can conduct quick inspections with the convenience and familiarity of their own smartphones, inspections are completed quickly and reliably.

Each user gets his own individual login so managers know exactly who performed the required inspections and when. When faults are detected drivers and operators can add pictures and comments to provide critical details that eliminate miscommunication and guesswork. Decision-makers can prioritize repair orders and forward them to maintenance personnel to keep unplanned downtime to a minimum. Paperwork repair order delays are eliminated and corrective maintenance can be prioritized in real-time. Synchronized leader boards allow company managers to evaluate the big picture across job sites so high-value assets are allocated to the jobs where they can maximize productivity instead of sitting idle.


In order for critical equipment faults to be corrected to prevent hazards to personnel, they first need to be detected with a reliable inspection procedure. Whip Around provides the digital convenience that makes inspections easier to perform on-site, with electronic verification that each inspection task has been completed for supervisors. Customized forms convert your traditional, time-proven paper safety checklists into digital forms to fulfill the unique equipment inspection needs of your construction vehicles and equipment for optimized safety practices.


Paper storage costs are burdensome. Paper takes up space, time, and money. It can be a nightmare to lay hands on required DVIRs when audits or liability issues arise and DVIR documentation needs to be produced in a quick and timely manner. Whip Around provides convenient digital storage so DVIRs are always available on demand. WA helps operations managers track and comply with applicable DOT requirements across multiple regulatory environments with customized alerts and unlimited users. Cloud storage eliminates the need to duplicate paper documents for availability onsite and at the company base. All data is available on the cloud anytime, anywhere, for any authorized user.


Collaboration across multiple job sites is significantly streamlined when everyone is using the same standard forms. The entire company is literally “on the same page” when it comes to flagging faults and prioritizing high-value asset allocation. When a fault is flagged while completing a DVIR, comments and images can be forwarded to in-house mechanics or equipment leasing maintenance parties in real-time for quick corrective maintenance without anyone putting pen to paper or waiting while a critical work order crawls through a cluttered paperwork based maintenance system.

Standard forms eliminate the guesswork and simplify reporting across the board without site-to-site variations. Whip Around lets you choose from a large selection of versatile templates, or duplicate and edit to create the forms best suited to your individual equipment needs. Standard pass/fail options and data entry cards ensure that safety and DVIR requirements across multiple job sites are all up to your company standards. Everyone from the drivers to the mechanics will know exactly what the problem is and what will need to be done to correct it. With accurate standardized data input by the construction workforce at all sites, company decision-makers have an excellent source of big data for analytics to improve productivity, safety, and the all-important profit margin.


Whip Around offers you the complete control of DVIR inspections for rigorous DOT compliance which fleet and operations managers crave, but the advantages of smartphone convenience and cloud-based technology can deliver the benefits of digital transformation to your construction business in a matter of minutes in many cases. Digitally verified inspections ensure that inspections are completed in a timely manner to improve the safety of your company as well as the integrity of your personnel. Paper DVIR reports don’t get lost in the shuffle because there is no paper involved. Catastrophic breakdowns are avoided when small maintenance problems are detected before they can escalate to major downtime disasters. Whip Around helps you maximize heavy equipment and vehicle uptime to hit your construction project benchmarks on time and make the best profitable use of your high-value assets in the highly competitive construction sector of Industry 4.0.

When you’re ready to embrace digital transformation for your construction business Whip Around is a great way to begin, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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