Waste Management Companies Are Turning to Whip Around to Enhance Fleet Performance

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Waste Management Companies Are Turning to Whip Around to Enhance Fleet Performance

Staying on the Leading Edge of Waste Fleet Management Technology With Whip Around

Waste collection and hauling truck technologies have revolutionized the tactics of fleet management in the 21st Century waste management industry. In the “green-minded” age of sustainability and public environmental sensitivity, the industry faces a high level of scrutiny. Thus, this raises the performance bar for waste disposal operators and fleet managers. According to a July 2018 report at Waste Today by industry expert and editor Adam Reding, the waste management sector has experienced a significant emphasis on accountability, efficiency, and preventative maintenance. The article also correctly points out that:

“Safety is perhaps the biggest concern of business owners and fleet managers, and it’s one of the most critical metrics used to assess driver performance.” 

Whip Around can provide the one-stop digital solution to improve safety, maintenance, and driver and vehicle performance by providing an intuitive, user-friendly platform that unites the entire waste management workforce in a real-time fleet management system.

Dispose of the Paper With Electronic DVIR Inspections

Waste disposal enterprises often operate across a variety of municipal, county, and state territories, each with their own individual DOT compliance requirements. The Daily Vehicle Inspection Report is an FMCSA requirement for all motor carriers and state DVIR regulations may vary. All drivers need to fill out a DVIR at the completion of each shift and submit them on return to the home terminal. In some regions, a DVIR may be required both pre and post trip, especially in the highly regulated waste management industry.

With old-fashioned paper reports, administration of the DVIR can be a burden on both drivers and management. Drivers need to write out DVIRs manually, and fleet managers need to acquire, review, and find space to organize and store reams of paper reports. Some regions may require that DVIRs are archived for years. The larger your waste disposal fleet is the larger your paper DVIR burden becomes.

When critical faults are flagged during the inspection process, downtime piles up quickly while paper reports work their way slowly through the antiquated system. More paperwork must be generated in the way of repair orders which have to be routed to the appropriate mechanics, either in-house for company-owned assets, or externally for leased vehicles.

The paper-based DVIR then becomes much more of a burden than a solution for optimizing waste fleet performance. Drivers need to interpret complex DVIR policies just to fill out the report properly and critical repairs may be delayed when reports aren’t submitted immediately. In the waste management business vehicle availability is a metric which can’t be compromised by paperwork delays. Ready or not, the waste keeps coming and a shorthanded fleet only adds to the demanding challenges of waste management contracting.

At Whip Around we have a better way to keep your waste hauling operations up and running.

Streamlined DVIR For Optimized Preventative Maintenance

Whip Around’s user-friendly platform and the familiar convenience of the driver’s smartphone combine in an easy-to-use DVIR process that the entire workforce will appreciate. When the inspection process is easy and efficient for drivers to complete, inspections get done reliably and honestly. The Whip Around DVIR can be completed anytime and anywhere and the results are instantly available to any authorized user in your company.

Each driver has his own login and DVIRs are submitted with GPS, date, and time stamps so fleet managers know exactly who completed the required inspections and when. The custom form builder allows fleet managers to convert familiar company forms from paper to digital to promote a seamless transformation to the Whip Around DVIR. Whip Around provides automated support to ensure that all DVIR compliance requirements are met regardless of the locality where waste management fleets are operating. Many of our customers have remarked that they were able to deploy Whip Around throughout the fleet in a manner of minutes with the custom form building feature.

With Whip Around the DVIR becomes an essential tool for optimized fleet performance. Faults can be flagged and reported ASAP and alerts and leaderboards at base operations let managers make informed decisions in real-time to maximize vehicle availability. Drivers can add images and comments and mechanics can be brought into the loop immediately to evaluate estimated repair times with a minimum of guesswork when a vehicle has problems. Fleet managers can prioritize repair and vehicle replacement schedules to stay ahead of waste collection demands without waiting until the end of the shift to be aware of maintenance and availability issues.

Improving Safety, Compliance, and Performance With Whip Around

 Collecting garbage. Collecting garbage.

Rigorous company waste handling standards can be applied as required to improve fleet-wide safety based on the type of load being handled whether it’s recycling, hazardous material, or medical waste. Whip Around can accommodate the specialized forms your waste management business uses to ensure safety and procedural compliance to cover all aspects of your waste management operations.

With Whip Around, drivers can access your customized company checklists to ensure that they’re adhering with established procedures for handling household, industrial, manufacturing solids, and hazardous waste in accordance with EPA regulations. Whip Around gives you the ability to convert paper or Excel spreadsheets to mobile-friendly forms in minutes. Our drag and drop template builder makes the transformation to digital quick and easy.

Analytics and Leaderboards For Real-Time Fleet Management

With Whip Around fleet managers can create individual driver profiles and assign them to teams to distribute management responsibilities across national and international networks. Documents and details can be added to track driver and vehicle performance. Automatic syncing between the drivers’ smartphones and the web-based dashboard provides real-time analytics, leaderboards, and alerts on a company, team, or individual basis. This vital business intelligence is an essential tool for spotting and encouraging positive trends and correcting troublesome maintenance issues before they can blossom into costly vehicle downtime on a fleetwide basis.

About Whip Around

Whip Around provides versatile admin controls to easily add users and assign permissions. The Whip Around app features world-class security to protect your data with an astounding up time of 99.50% so your inspection data is always available on demand. The Whip Around API makes it easy to connect and integrate Whip Around with your other digital business tools, and we provide unsurpassed technical support on a 24/7 basis via email, chat, or phone. When you’re ready to eliminate the paper waste from your waste management enterprise please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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