How is Whip Around Improving Everyday Life For Service Providers?

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How is Whip Around Improving Everyday Life For Service Providers?

As the owner or operator of a business that specializes in service delivery, your livelihood hinges on your ability to provide five-star service swiftly and affordably. At the same time, you must surpass your competitors by continually improving your quality of service delivery and remaining abreast of changing compliance regulations. As a trusted provider of cutting-edge DVIR software, Whip Around offers service companies with a solution that allows them to deliver superior service while also bolstering compliance with regulatory agencies. Below is a look at the key industries Whip Around serves and the specific ways that Whip Around’s platform enables businesses to thrive.

What types of industries does Whip Around serve?

Variety is the spice of life for the Whip Around team. We work with an extensive array of service providers that meet the needs of the residents and business owners in the Tri-state region. Here is a short list of some of the many types of industries Whip Around serves:

  • The roofing industry, including companies that offer residential and commercial roofing repair and replacement

  • Cable and telecom providers, including line installation and repair companies

  • Plumbing providers, including pipefitters and steamfitters

  • HVAC companies, including businesses that install, repair, and service heaters and air conditioners

  • Pest control, providers and exterminators that remove potentially harmful insects, rodents, and arthropods

  • Electricians, renewable energy companies and conduit system installation providers

  • General contractors who provide turnkey service solutions for homes and businesses

What are the key challenges facing service providers?

Service providers face a host of everyday challenges that limit their ability to deliver swift, high-quality solutions to customers. From struggles with old technology to disorganized vehicles, owners of service companies seem to face an ongoing barrage of barriers to success. Some of the top problems facing service providers are as follows:

1) Data collection challenges

Forgetful drivers, communication challenges, and the lack of a streamlined reporting process all contribute to data collection problems in the service industry. This can have a snowball effect, with poor data collection ultimately leading to failure to comply with industry regulations.

2) Outdated Tools and Technology

Many service providers are unable to maximize their performance because they are still dependent on paper-based documentation, non-cloud based systems, and other archaic forms of record-keeping. Nathan Walker, Senior Vice-President of Goodman Manufacturing Co, points to the link between outdated technology and poor performance, noting that “Contractors need to use new tools and technology to bolster their reputation in the local market.”

3) Poor Utilization of Time

Paper reporting is often inconvenient and burdensome for drivers as well as the administrative staff who are in charge of organizing and filing paper reports. Drivers often forget about their reports and then spend valuable driving time hunting down notes on pieces of paper or trying to recreate the wheel.

4) Wasted Resources

Many service-oriented businesses are still spending time and money to prepare paper inspection forms and invoices. This leads to excessive spending on printing costs and paper. Additionally, businesses must purchase filing cabinets and have enough space to store years of completed reports.

5) Dirty and Disorganized Service Vehicles

Dirty, damaged, or disorganized vehicles can send a message to clients that a service company may treat their customers in the same way they treat their service vehicles. Unfortunately, this is often the norm among service organizations that do not have a means of tracking vehicle care.

How does Whip Around help address these challenges?

Since 2016, the Whip Around team has worked with service providers to develop affordable solutions to the above challenges. We know how important it is for service providers to minimize downtime, control costs, and arrive safely at job sites in a neat, clean vehicle. Here are some of the key ways Whip Around helps service providers improve their performance:

1) Provide cutting-edge tools and technology

Whip Around’s convenient platform provides a welcome change for service companies that were struggling with outdated  paper inspection forms and  technology. In addition to saving time for drivers and management staff, Whip Around’s digital DVIR streamlines the data collection process. Nicholas, a verified Capterra reviewer and new Whip Around customer, described how Whip Around’s platform helps service companies organize their service vehicle maintenance: “It is really handy to have all of your faults/comments sent to one central location to make it a breeze for our mechanic to prioritize the issues at hand.”

2) Boost communication between service providers, drivers, and mechanics

The Whip Around team recognizes that sound communication channels are essential for success in the service industry. One Capterra reviewer, Tiffany, who has used Whip Around for more than six months, said that Whip Around “has been a great way for us to communicate directly with our mechanics whenever we have maintenance issues with our trucks.” Whip Around enables managers in the service industry to facilitate inspections with a single user-friendly app.

3) Offer inspection solutions for multiple types of service and delivery vehicles

Service organizations often use multiple types of vehicles to respond to their customer’s needs. For example, they may use vans, trucks, compact cars, and other types of vehicles to transport equipment and parts during service visits. Whip Around’s digital DVIR is designed for use with all types of service vehicles, from small to oversized.

4) Encourage drivers to keep vehicles neat and clean

“We are able to keep track of the cleanliness, organization, tools, equipment and oil changes with each vehicle. We also like the accident report section that is very detailed for our drivers to follow and fill out.”

– Bill, Capterra Reviewer and Whip Around Customer

The appearance of service van or truck is extremely important in the service industry. With Whip Around’s app, service managers are able to easily track the condition of vehicles and ensure that they are kept clean and in good working order.

The Bottom Line

Whip Around’s digital DVIR can help your service company remain on the leading edge of your industry and overcome barriers to success. From improved communication to neater service vehicles, Whip Around’s platform offers a host of attractive benefits to service providers. We invite you to contact us to find out how Whip Around can help your service company operate more efficiently. We look forward to helping you take your organization to the next level of success!

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