DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training

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DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training

Alcohol and drug abuse can be difficult to address with an individual in any situation, although within the workplace alcohol and substance abuse and reporting can be an even trickier circumstance. The Department of Transportation (DOT) reasonable suspicion training is designed to teach managers and supervisors that work for DOT-regulated companies how to identify substance abuse within the workplace. DOT has developed a training program that teaches participants the correct ways to recognize and respond to signs of alcohol or drug use in their employees, according to DOT standards.

Through DOT reasonable suspicion training supervisors and managers can confidently access their team ensuring everyone is working to their best potential. Hopes are that managers never have to use this training but in the unfortunate case that alcohol or drug abuse is observed, managers and supervisors will be able to properly recognize the signs of substance abuse through the individual’s behavioral, physical, and performance displays. DOT reasonable suspicion training also instructs managers and supervisors on the proper care when handling any situations possibly involving alcohol or drug abuse.

Information and Skills Learned During DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training

During DOT reasonable suspicion training managers and supervisors can expect to learn things like:

  • Signs and symptoms of substance abuse
  • The influence alcohol and drugs have on the body
  • The importance of documenting any observations and the actions that are/should be taken
  • The legal requirements for DOT regulations, as well as the consequences for violating DOT regulations
  • Proper ways to approach an employee that is identified with reasonable suspicion concerns
  • The referral process supervisors and managers will need to use when sending a suspected employee for substance abuse testing

Supervisors and managers that complete DOT reasonable suspicion training will be better prepared to maintain a safe work environment while complying with DOT regulations.

The Department of Transportation Regulation Requirements

DOT reasonable suspicion training is required by law for any managers and supervisors working with DOT-regulated companies. DOT testing regulations can be found in 49 CFR Part 40. If DOT-regulated companies fail to comply with DOT requirements, penalties, fines, and legal action may be brought against the company.

DOT reasonable suspicion training must be conducted by a qualified trainer. Trainers should be knowledgeable on the signs of alcohol and drug use, as well as know how to identify these signs through DOT regulations and policies. The Department of Transportation recommends updated training every two years for all supervisors and managers. These updates ensure regulatory compliance, substance abuse is identified, as well as reporting procedures are kept current when assessing an employee. DOT reasonable suspicion training is a vital part of maintaining a safe work environment while in compliance with DOT standards.

Test Requirements

DOT reasonable suspicion training can be taken online or in-person, most training courses will require managers and supervisors to pass a test at the end over the knowledge addressed throughout the course.

Each course can vary on the required passing score, training provided, and specific requirements of the DOT.  Supervisors and managers who receive a passing score will generally receive a certificate of completion. This certification serves as proof that the individual is up to date on their DOT reasonable suspicion training and is ready to ensure a safe and productive work environment.

While the DOT reasonable suspicion training can end with a test, the Department of Transportations’ main goal is to educate managers and supervisors on how to identify and appropriately respond to signs of alcohol or drug abuse among employees.

Solutions for Documenting DOT Training Completion

Fleets need to keep track of any completed training, Whip Around is a premium fleet maintenance software that has been servicing industries around the globe since 2016. Whip Around fleet maintenance software gives fleets many features to keep up with maintenance, reporting, service, and compliance standards. With Whip Around’s unique feature of customizable forms fleets have the ability to track supervisors, managers, and employees’ completed training, ensuring the fleet is always operating with safety in mind.

Alcohol and drug abuse are unfortunately in the workplace. Substance abuse situations should always be addressed by a DOT reasonable suspicion trained supervisor or manager. The DOT-trained manager or supervisor will then handle the substance situation as stated by the DOT reasonable suspicion training. DOT reasonable suspicion training helps managers and supervisors be prepared for the unfortunate possibility of an employee being documented under the influence, this training is necessary to ensure safety within all Department of Transportation-regulated companies.

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