How Fleet Maintenance Software Improves the Preventative Maintenance Process

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How Fleet Maintenance Software Improves the Preventative Maintenance Process

Fleet maintenance software is essential to any business with transportation involved. Preventative fleet maintenance is ideal when running a fleet; keeping records for every piece of equipment can get messy and time-consuming quickly. Fleet maintenance software helps to guarantee preventive fleet maintenance is kept up and running smoothly. The combination of fleet maintenance software with the approach of preventive maintenance ensures fleet vehicles experience less unexpected downtime, growing the fleet more and more.

Why Many Industries Choose to Use Fleet Maintenance Software

At first glance, fleet maintenance software might seem like it’s only for the transportation industry; that assumption could not be further from the truth. Fleet maintenance software is utilized by many different industries such as emergency vehicle services, school districts, disposal facilities, the cargo industry, and many more.

A few ways fleet maintenance software has been able to help industries like emergency vehicles and the cargo industry is through preventative maintenance scheduling, work order management, parts and inventory tracking, and archived vehicle service history with mechanic sign-offs. Fleet maintenance software will make sure any industry’s vehicles and drivers can seamlessly continue the necessary but demanding work that is required of them.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Fleet maintenance software encourages fleet managers to use the mindset that maintenance is necessary for a vehicle’s longevity by using preventive maintenance scheduling. Fleet managers have the opportunity with fleet maintenance software to create custom alerts and notifications; providing managers the ability to predict a fleet vehicle’s essential downtime.

Work Order Management

Work Orders need to be processed in a quick and timely fashion to prevent as much excess downtime for the vehicle as possible. Fleet maintenance software can process work orders in a timely fashion and keep fleet managers up to date on the progress of their vehicles.

Parts and Inventory Tracking

Fleet maintenance software makes it easy to track vehicle parts, costs, repairs, and services. Inventory is easily adjusted through fleet maintenance software when any part is documented into any work order. Through the mindset of preventative maintenance, fleet managers can order vehicle parts and have them ready whenever the vehicle may need service, preventing the fleet vehicle from being placed in extended downtime. Fleet maintenance software guarantees fleets are never at a loss for a routine maintenance part.

Service History

Using fleet maintenance software, fleet managers can track a vehicle’s service history. Access to service history for vehicles provides managers with information such as the vehicle’s overall health; with this information fleet managers are able to create a smooth-running maintenance workflow for each and every fleet vehicle.

Mechanic Sign-Off

As any fleet manager knows, any corrected faults to fleet vehicles require a mechanic’s signature. Using fleet maintenance software, mechanics have the ability to provide e-signatures right into the fleet maintenance software app, adding the document to the asset’s profile so that it can be easily accessed whenever the fleet manager may need the signature.

Industries That Use Fleet Maintenance Software to Perform at Top Quality

Industries like waste management services, school districts, construction, cargo transportation, and emergency services are just a few that have seen great improvement in their fleet maintenance process after implementing fleet maintenance software into their fleet.

Industries that Benefit from Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet maintenance software is utilized by industries all over the globe, implementing the new standard of preventive fleet maintenance software. Emergency services like fire departments, ambulance services, and police departments need their vehicles to be ready in seconds to improve the odds of the disaster calls these individuals are rushing towards. Fleet maintenance software helps emergency workers perform their jobs without worrying if routine maintenance was performed on the vehicle they just jumped into. Instead, firefighters are able to focus on rescuing the family in the house fire while the police focus on which houses might be also affected by the fire and evacuate anyone inside. While firefighters and police are evacuating homeowners, the first responders are preparing to treat victims of the fire either on-site or in the ambulance as it rushes through traffic back to the hospital. All three of these emergency services rely on fleet maintenance software to keep them running smoothly, some other important industries that use fleet maintenance software are school districts, construction, cargo transportation, and waste management services.

Fleet Maintenance Software with Preventative Maintenance in Mind

Companies focused on implementing the mindset of preventative maintenance, rely on Whip Around’s premium fleet maintenance software, giving fleet managers access to all the amazing features of preventative maintenance scheduling, work order management, parts, and inventory tracking, fleet vehicle service history as well as mechanic sign-off. Whip Around’s fleet maintenance software ensures fleet managers are never again in the dark about when their fleet vehicles will be in essential downtime.

Fleet maintenance software is necessary for operating any fleet, whether it be the fire department or waste management services, preventative maintenance can be essential when ensuring a fleet’s longevity and reliability.

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