How Fleet Maintenance Software Improves Work Order Management

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How Fleet Maintenance Software Improves Work Order Management

Vehicle upkeep and maintenance is one of the most recurring and prominent aspects of the fleet industry. Work order management is a consuming process for the fleet industry regardless of fleet size that has to be done with precision. Work order management can be improved with fleet maintenance software. 

Work Order Management

Work order management encompasses a cycle of tasks in order to be completed. Starting with problem recognition. Once the problem has been identified, a work order must be created. The work order then goes through the approval process and is assigned to a mechanic to be serviced. After the vehicle has been serviced, usually there is a sign-off on the work order, and an invoice is sent to the company. 


The work order cycle can be challenging and information can be lost in communication creating a delay in the cycle’s completion. That is why it is crucial for managers to be precise and calculated when structuring how to finalize the work order process. 


Work Order Cycle:


  1. Problem Recognition
  2. Work Order Creation
  3. Work Order Approval
  4. Mechanic Assignment
  5. Service
  6. Sign off
  7. Invoice


As a Work Order Manager, the goal is to achieve the work order cycle as quickly and as efficiently as possible to reduce vehicle downtime and maximize assets. This process can take manager time and resources that could be expended elsewhere. That is why fleet maintenance software is ideal for fleet management and companies in the fleet industry.


Fleet maintenance software considerably impacts work order management in a positive way. To improve efficiency, time management, and fleet health, fleet maintenance software is essential. Fleet maintenance software provides a paperless record of work orders, compiled of comprehensive data that can be accessed at any time. 


Service Schedules 

Service schedules and preventative fleet maintenance are, undoubtedly, a significant factor to vehicle care and fleet health. Service schedules are managed by fleet maintenance software. 


Maintenance Schedule Benefits:


  • Less vehicle downtime
  • Healthy vehicles
  • Safer for drivers 
  • Keeps vehicles to code
  • Asset maximum utilization

Outstanding Faults 

During the busy hours of the day, creating work orders for an outstanding fault can be difficult to detect and easily overlooked. Failure to catch outstanding faults can lead to vehicle damage and further headache. The significance of neglecting outstanding faults can lead to a downfall that can spiral towards prolonged vehicle downtime, driver standby time, and decrease vehicle life span. All leading to unnecessary and preventable costs. 


 Outstanding faults can be automated through fleet maintenance software to be added to the work order.  Automated maintenance requests are effortless and will prevent human error that is inevitable due to the fast-paced nature of the industry. 


Benefits of automated maintenance requests:

  • Cost-effective
  • Increase productivity
  • Prevent vehicle damage
  • Prolong vehicle lifespan

Cost Visibility and Task Tracking

Transparency is valuable when it comes to fleet maintenance and fleet management. Knowing exactly what maintenance has been completed on a vehicle is important to tracking vehicle maintenance history. 


Cost visibility secures confidence for accounting and budgeting purposes. No matter what is serviced on the vehicle, costs are significant for various reasons. Any questions on the cost of labor and parts are clear and visible for fleet managers to identify. 

Itemized Digital Sheets 

Itemized digital sheets provide an intuitive, easy to process, communication platform for fleet managers to assess. The itemized digital sheets are easy to file and become an integral part of tracking vehicle history and costs. 


It is important to know exactly how much labor costs when making managerial decisions about fleet maintenance. Fleet managers may need to analyze the labor costs vs. the value of the vehicle. Fleet maintenance software often includes labor costs on the itemized digital sheets for full transparency. 


Unfortunately, parts can be a more difficult factor in getting the vehicle back in use in a timely manner. Fleet maintenance software will organize what parts are needed and predict what may need to be ordered. Tracking each vehicle type in an organized structure will speed up the process to keep assets in use. The itemized digital sheets will also lay out directly what parts have been ordered and the costs of each part. Like labor costs, managers can make calculations on part costs. 

Fleet Health

Task tracking inherently improves fleet management’s understanding of fleet health and how to continue maintenance cost-effectively. To ensure vehicle productivity, knowledge of performance and maintenance history is important to track. This allows fleet managers to evaluate decisions and future servicing of the vehicles. Fleet vehicles are the main source of operations, therefore proper care and attention towards those vehicles are essential to keep business running safely.

Whip Around

Whip Around is a well-established fleet maintenance software company that provides all fleet maintenance needs. Whip Around is a great resource to improve work order management for any size company. Whip Around provides work order management functions, preventative maintenance schedules, and automated maintenance.

Work order management is meant to be done as quickly and as smoothly as possible to keep trucks performing and on the roads. Vehicles are an asset and any time off the road is costly. Fleet maintenance software ensures that work orders are placed and the process runs smoothly and efficiently. With automated worked orders placed for outstanding faults and consistent preventative maintenance schedules, your fleet will be as efficient as feasible. Fleet maintenance software provides a transparent record of cost and the health and lifespan of your most valuable assets will be protected.

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