New safety and compliance reports reveal important fleet trends

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New safety and compliance reports reveal important fleet trends

Although things are known to slow down during the holiday season, plenty of happenings in the transportation safety and compliance world kept things interesting in December 2023.

Here’s what you should know:

Results from a national traffic safety survey

The Foundation for Traffic Safety released its Traffic Safety Culture index report. With data relating to distracted, aggressive, drowsy, and impaired driving behaviors, several numbers stood out:

  • 18% engaged in drowsy driving in the last 30 days
  • 27% reported having sent a text or email while driving
  • 38% reported driving while holding and/or talking on a phone 
  • 37% drove while reading a text or email
  • 94% of drivers perceived driving after drinking as dangerous, yet only 70% felt the same about driving after using marijuana
  • 63% of drivers believed police would apprehend them for traveling 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, yet half reported doing so in the last 30 days

The data from this report reveals alarming trends in various risky driving behaviors that can have significant implications for fleets — highlighting the importance of adopting proactive measures to ensure the safety of both drivers and the general public.

Doubling down on truck safety

The American Trucking Associations released the 2023 safety investment survey, noting that the trucking industry increased safety investments by 43 percent from 2014 to $14 billion in 2022. 

The results indicated that fleets invest in safety beyond just regulatory compliance through things like new technology, safe driving incentives, training and preventative maintenance programs.

If you’re not currently prioritizing or investing in safety, it’s probably time to reconsider.

Whip Around serves as a trusted partner for fleets aiming to maximize the impact of their safety investments. By seamlessly integrating with the existing safety framework, Whip Around enhances preventative maintenance efforts, offering an easy-to-use inspection tool, robust digital maintenance programs, real-time fleet data monitoring and powerful performance analytics. 

Whip Around not only helps fleets achieve consistent regulatory compliance, but the platform also amplifies the effectiveness of safety investments, contributing to a culture of safety that extends far beyond the bottom line.

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