Hands-on Approaches to Fleet Maintenance Using Whip Around and Samsara

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Hands-on Approaches to Fleet Maintenance Using Whip Around and Samsara

Your fleet of vehicles is a significant investment. To maintain business productivity, you have to keep the vehicles in top condition. Without a hands-on approach to maintenance, you might endanger your employees, fail FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) inspections, pay out of pocket for costly unplanned repairs and suffer losses from downtime. Further, fleet maintenance keeps your vehicles in good condition to stay longer on the road, reliable and safe. To manage a fleet, you have to develop a mitigation maintenance program like Whip Around and Samsara. This program has various benefits, including helping your business minimize operating costs and improve the outcomes during a vehicle inspection.

Fleet Management System

You need to maintain continuous monitoring of your fleet with an FMS (Fleet Management System). FMS comes in two categories depending on the vehicle’s data location. If the vehicle has a recording unit that your process evaluates later, this is an Offline Management System.

When you connect the vehicles online to a server via mobile internet, and you can obtain real-time data, this is an Online Fleet Management System:

  • Vehicle monitoring and diagnostics
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Driver management
  • Fuel management
  • Health and safety management
  • Telematics data

Fleet management tools enable fleet managers to get real-time data on their operations. The tools also improve driver satisfaction while reducing fuel consumption via accurate reporting and predictive analysis. Fleet management companies use fleet management software to improve their fleets’ efficiency and minimize operational costs.

A Fleet Management System should have:

GPS Tracking

Fleet alarms allow you to respond to any emergency swiftly. The fleet management software should enable alarm customization according to fleet needs. For instance, you can have alarms for speed monitoring or heat temperature alerts for heat-sensitive commodities.

Route Planning and Monitoring

This feature can help you track the routes taken by drivers and anticipate any future incidents. You can then minimize fuel consumption by optimizing the routes.

Fuel Management

This feature helps to track fuel usage. It allows you to monitor the fuel levels and gauge how often the vehicles fuel and refuel. You can also calculate the average consumption per vehicle and the period.

Fleet Maintenance With Whip Around and Samsara Integration

A close-up shot of an unrecognizable mechanic using fleet maintenance software like Whip Around and Samsara for engine diagnostics.

Whip Around has a new integration with Samsara. Combining these technologies will provide fleets with more streamlined methods of managing their maintenance and compliance. In fact, we develop and build solutions that eliminate paper-based compliance for transport companies. Using Whip Around, you can manage your fleet’s compliance, inspections, maintenance, work orders, etc.

The easy-to-use maintenance and inspection software is excellent for fleet managers, mechanics, and drivers. You can also manage DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports) for compliance, monitor damages via photos, and capture precise mileage via the Whip Around mobile app.

On Whip Around, you can:

  • Using the simple form creator, personalize digital inspection forms for all your fleet asset types
  • Schedule maintenance reminders off distance, time, or hours
  • You can group/categorize faults and servicing into work orders and send them to your in-house mechanics or outsourced vendors
  • Lastly, Whip Around can improve your fleet’s efficiency, compliance, and safety by using analytics, reporting, and asset service history

Samsara Platform

The Samsara platform provides end-to-end solutions for your operations. It connects your captured IoT (Internet of Things) data to the Connected Operations Cloud, which allows you to operate on a single platform.


Vehicles use telematics data like engine diagnostics, smart real-time GPS data, and OEM cloud.


Samsara enhances safety via the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) dash cams, driver coaching, and safety reports.

Equipment Monitoring

Track and manage trailers, equipment, and other assets. You can gain visibility by collecting and visualizing real-time data from your investments. This feature allows you to maximize your efficiency by identifying, diagnosing, and resolving issues in real-time to improve productivity.

Site Visibility

You can manage remote sites and facilities via video security.


You can improve your sustainability and minimize your impact on the environment via fuel management, electric vehicle suitability checks, and fuel management.


Tools like dash cameras and vehicle tracking systems ensure you get real-time visibility into the vehicle. This visibility can then provide you with evidence if an incident or accident occurs.

Fleet Maintenance Using Whip Around and Samsara Integration

The Whip Around and Samsara integration combines two platforms with their particular strengths. These two technologies simplify your DOT compliance and restructure your fleet maintenance. Further, the two-way Samsara integration allows you to synchronize vehicles and capture engine hours, mileage, DVIR defects, etc., without interrupting your workflow.

The Whip Around and Samsara Integration will help fleet operators receive an effective way to plan for service and preventative maintenance schedules, providing:

Get Automatic Odometer and Engine Hour Readings

Engine hour readings and automatic odometer sync with Whip Around to activate maintenance schedules and mileage reports.

Activated Alerts for Vehicles That Miss Inspections

You can receive push notifications and email alerts for vehicles missing a driver-vehicle inspection report (DVIR) as soon as the vehicle starts moving or if it develops an active fault

Manage Engine Faults and Diagnostic Issues

You can provide your in-house or external mechanics with one work order. For example, this order contains a list of DVIR defects, engine faults, and services to monitor maintenance history and costs.

Manage Samsara DVIR Defects

Drivers can perform inspections on the Samsara app and send defects to Whip Around for mechanical repair, certification and communicate with the driver for DOT compliance,

Fleet Maintenance Compliance

The integration meets the FMCSA requirements for eDVIR. Drivers and fleet operators can quickly check the current inspection reports, required signatures, and the corrected defects.

Learn More About Fleet Maintenance Using Whip Around and Samsara

Fleet management solutions allow you to maintain your vehicles in pristine condition. You can, indeed, improve your ROI via tools that help monitor your vehicles in real-time, plan routes, improve safety and monitor fuel usage. The integration also synchronizes your fleet and captures eDVIR defects, engine hours, mileage, etc.

With the Whip Around and Samsara integration, you get the best of both technologies, which gives you a powerful tool when combined. Contact us to request more information on the integration.

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