The Benefits of Integrating Fleet Management Software and Workshop Software

If you are managing a fleet of over 50 assets, you will typically be large enough to operate one or more in-house workshops to service your vehicles and equipment. Fleet Management and Maintenance Software such as Whip Around helps you identify issues and plan ahead for preventative maintenance however when it comes to managing your internal workshops you’ll need a more extensive solution like RTA Fleet Management Software

RTA integration

RTA Fleet Management Software is an extensive solution that provides your business with the ability to manage your workshops and mechanics/techs effectively.  The RTA solution offers inventory management, labor tracking, tire management, parts tracking and performance, detailed work orders with purchase orders, vehicle/equipment inventory, and fuel reporting that all feed into RTA to provide you with the tools you need to run a fleet workshop.

The power comes when Whip Around and RTA systems are integrated.  Whip Around provides you with the ability to select from inspection form templates and customize them to your own standards. Drivers record mileage and faults from a mobile app which is sent automatically to RTA to trigger maintenance reminders and service records to be approved by your administrator. The following information captured in RTA is then sent through to Whip Around so that you and your drivers have a clear understanding of what has been done to repair the fault. 

  • Work Order cause code tracking
  • Vendor tracking (for outside work)
  • Technician productivity measurements
  • Outside parts and Labor support
  • Purchase Order tracking
  • Shop Code categories
  • Work Order priorities
  • Vehicle Status updates

As a fleet manager, you’ll speed up your processing time between drivers and mechanics and gain even more visibility across your fleet’s faults and running costs. To learn more about this powerful integration contact us here.